Banner and profile pic dimensions

I want to make a custom background and profile pic, but I don’t know the exact dimensions. Could someone help?

background for the startmenu? actual used 1660x934

but what do you mean with profilpic? the logo?

I think he’s talking about the forum profile background(card or something) and the profile pic


I’m pretty sure there aren’t custom dimensions for the profile pics. As long as the subject fits in the lil circle, you should be fine. so just like, something vaguely square with a little bit of a border on it. I think


For your profile picture, @sheepasaurusrex is right that anything roughly square will work. As for the profile background and user card background, the default dimensions are 850px and 590px respectively.

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Go into configure on your profile for discourse. What are the dimensions of
the profile pic and the background. It only gives you the width.

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