Does anyone have the files needed for @Voxel_Pirate's Blender Add-On, or similar?

Thank you @Hyrule_Symbol! -I truly appreciate your help (=

There are a few tutorials about the animation part, but not on this first bit.
I think I’ll be able to handle this, I will look into it during the week ^^

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I have StoneVox, and it can handle both matrixes, and export to .obj.
But apparently not save .obj-file with the matrixes :disappointed_relieved:
(Mostly I use VoxelShop, -it does not export to .obj though)

Sadly, I don’t have Quibicle…

I manage (at least I think so) to piece a hearthling together by exporting one bodypart at a time :sweat_smile:

The bones worked fine with @Voxelpirate’s ADD’on.
So it has all gone quite smoothly, for the Blender-rookie that I am ^^

I have decided to buy Qubicle!
I could use some help with what version to buy though, and what module/modules I need to get the .obj export function? :upside_down:


i’m pretty sure the base version can export to .obj, but the mesh module has better .obj exporting, or something like that… i don’t know much about qubicle, maybe @Pandemic can be of more help?


Which version did you buy? It should be basic but you may need the export plugin. The voxel pirate blender stuff is available from the thread (last i checked)

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None yet, I waited (=

@voxel_pirate’s add-on works great! ^^ (Haven’t tried the animating bit though)
But sadly the links for meta-files are down…

The thing is, I bought the Steam version, about two month’s ago.
And it had almost no functions =/
So I returned it with a re-fund.

But I missed the whole thing about the modules.
So, the Voxel Editor + the Mesh Module might be enough?
Mostly I need a way to export voxel-files with matrixes to .obj files :slight_smile:

I have the Utilities one, just a bunch of tools that arent really needed.

I would stay with basic and the Mesh plugin. It’s really helpful with face count if you ever want to get out of Stonehearth for your own creations, game development and other fun stuff. As far as the blender plugin, I have a bunch of the meta files I can send your way. You can also make your own.

If you need any help just ask, there are a few small issues with exporting to blender if you use the blender plugin but nothing that kills the fun

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@Pandemic @8BitCrab @Hyrule_Symbol
Now I’m a proud owner of Qubicle! :smile:


Yes, gladly! -I would appreciate that allot! (=

Thanks for taking the time -I could need to get the settings right, since I have a little problem… Hmm…

(The hair is heavely inspired from @Relyss Qubicle Creations =)

Hehe ^^

check the export option, dont export to center use the "As Specified"
option. Sadly I am not 100% sure because I dont have my PC atm but I’m sure
itll help


I’ll check it.
I’m in no hurry, just glad for the help (=

Cycles Render - No texture visible in the viewport, and only gives a grayscale render as a result.

Blender Render - Texture shows in viewport, but there is clipping.
And when rendering, everything is black =/

-For my renders so far I use openGL Render as a work-around.

I could use some help, if anyone is up to it? (=

Zip-file is for the .dae format I use in blender, exported from Qubicle. (19.1 KB)

You need a blender plugin to have the files show up… I think I forgot that. Just google “.Mtl files in Cycles” it’ll give you a link

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I’ll have a look on google.
Thank you! :smiley:

If you exported with QC you’ll have a .png file that codes for the colors

And this will work for cycles

Select all parts (A) and use the texture settings(the checkered sphere alongside the rendering and world settings) and if there’s ‘use nodes’ press that, if not, create one and use nodes

Than you open a new viewing port (dragging the corner of a section of the screen) and set it as ‘node editor’ (at the bottom left corner) there you can see some nodes, press shift+A to add a node (or ctrl+A i’m not so sure) go to texture and image texture, than select a image (the .png than QC created) and pull the color node to the color input(the dot with the same color) of ‘defuse’ that will already be there.

now you’ll be able to see the texture of the model

Regardless of the method, (cycles or blender) you’ll need a object that emmits light if you want anything to render, just in case you didn’t know

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Thank you @Hyrule_Symbol ^^

Added a Hemi-light before, some how I got the idea that it would give light to the whole scene.
Don’t know why, -it was misplaced anyhow hehe

So in blender Render the textures come out with the light source, so I made some progress, I’ll dig deeper later.
Time to give up for tonight (=

@Pandemic ^^
Found it :thumbsup:


Success! ^^D

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Thanks again @Hyrule_Symbol and @Pandemic!
This was a huge threshold you helped me get pass! ^^

My first Properly rendered model! :smiley: