Do you guys have lagz in the game?

i have great pc with games like gta v and others
with geforce gtx ,intel core i7 and good graphics
but since beta 11 i have lagz in the game
some one mabe know the reason of it?

gtx… what? This is still an Alpha and experiences may vary. With an (kinda old) 7870 I can run this game on max without problems. Don’t build sky-high buildings tho, and don’t build a lot of fireplaces. Those things chomp up a good part of your PC at night.

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My guess is the engine isn’t yet optimized because I too on a i7/16Go got a 100% cpu usage. Lags may occurs but more problematic is the heat generated by such cpu usage…

One thing to try if you’re having serious issues with performance is to drop shadow detail and draw distance down in the options and reduce the maximum lights to 1/0 (I believe the current minimum is 1). This latter option usually is the different between my save file working or not after I’ve played a number of in-game days, as there’s still a lot of issues with optimization with the lighting code. Just turn it back on if you want to try and get some cool photos of your build to share.


I can confirm this CPU usage issue too, My game even on a completely new world goes around 60%, 50% being the lowest on a completely empty world. I never had the issue in past Alpha’s only the latest builds since Alpha 11 stable came out. (playing on the most recent update currently)