Do not give all recipes to the earthlings

Some recipes should be acquired by:

  • trading with a caravan
  • looting the goblin’s treasure chest
  • crafting (% chance to discover a new recipe)
  • digging and finding a chest in a special spot (the location would be on a treasure map)
  • fishing (by fishing a bottle with a message inside)

    It would give us motivation to explore, and collecting them all would be a good challenge. We would have to trade to acquire some needed items if we don’t have the recipe.

I fully agree with this!

It is a good idea but I think it has been said by Tom in this Dev Stream that some rare recipes will indeed be unavailable by default and will have to be obtained other way :slight_smile:

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Yup, it’s a good suggestion, and one that is already planned. What you’re seeing right now is the “standard” stuff that all crafters should be able to make, and more exotic stuff will need to be learned (somehow)

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I like the idea, too, but only for “fancy” things of course. Of the stock items available now, I would say, mostly things from the mason would be applicable for that; obviously the gargoyle. Maybe the “development” option would be more applicable for some things, e.g. after building a few regular braziers, at some point someone comes up with the idea of the tower brazier.

I would, on the other hand, also hide all the recipes, that are not yet unlocked due to lack of levels… That way, the “grayed out” look can even be used for things you can build, but don’t currently have the materials for.


Agreed! Maybe finding a crafting note like in The Escapists?

i dont know if this will go here (if you have to move it i appologise) what my idea would be along this route of things is to make it worth mining/cutting trees?

What i mean is, at the start of the game we can both mine and cut trees right… however what we don’t have are the tools themselves (we don’t have pickaxes or felling axes)

So we could either have to craft them at the carpenter (which the workshop is actually a block of wood itself, so that might not work)

or you could add other things to the game, like rock and stick debris and then we could make the tools out of those…

Also while on the subject, why not let us be able to build a lumber mill? and a quarray? i havent quite figured out what their use would be yet, other than cutting wood into blocks/logs/shapes at the lumber mill and then mining on repeat at the quarry until it is exhausted? thanks

I’m pretty sure @Tom om has said that they wont be adding stone tools.

so we will forever punch/bite/claw at the rocks and trees? O.o lol how silly… but then again, look at the game :stuck_out_tongue: but it is awesome though

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Or you could look at one of your workers character sheets, and notice that they are carrying a special tool that has an axe on one side and a pick on the other :slight_smile:


lol i never saw that… besides i can’t open anyones character sheet this might be related to the bugged trapper post??? when i try, it either defocusses or opens it for a fraction of a second and closes again… i have reverted to a previous version (opted out of beta) until they can fix a few bugs :slight_smile: