Diplo: Minecraft Server

Welcome to a new Minecraft server made by us map gamers, that want to share the experience with you!

Diplo: The Minecraft Server

What is Diplo? Diplo was a map game on our discourse about a newly formed island nation, and was all about running for office. You can run for president, senate, or just open up a small shop in our Minecrafr world! Soon, some will go against the laws and pressure will happen between the government and others who think their view on the world is better…
What’s On The Minecraft Map? Nothing right now, it’s brand new! There is a world border keeping everyone inside a medium sized area. We have the border so when tragedy strikes, everyone must be involved. We also do this so people interact with each other on a daily basis. This does mean that resources could easily become scarce, so people must work together to preserve the world.
How Do I Join? Get on Minecraft, set your game to snapshot 15w36d, go to your servers, and type this
Hosted by our own @zippy611
We hope you have fun creating an experience with us!


Hosted by me! :smile:
Starring people like(hopefully):
And more!


The server’s going great so far, we’ve got a small community already and we have begun construction on our first dwarvish mountainhome! :smiley:


awwe that sounds fun time, ah nothing is better then a good minecraft community playing together and forming a great world =^.^=

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Then, since the world border is in place, the resources will start to run dry. People will start going against the government to get necessities like wood. That, my fair @Hogwartscat, is how the world ends

awwe can I join or is this for fancy people only :frowning:

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Of course you can join! Why else would I post the IP?


Cool! I like it so far! Still getting used to 1.9 :smiley:

Is this going to eventually be white listed?

No, no white listed. It’ll always be open


Well, after learning that the world border is 400x400 - I think this idea needs a little tweaking.

I think a world border is a nice idea, so people don’t go thousands of blocks away from each other and don’t really interact much with others, but the world size is too small. I feel it should be increased to at least 1000x1000 or maybe even 2000x2000+. Here are my reasons:

  • Biomes are extremely limited with the smaller world size. Since 1.7 we have over 60+ biomes, some with rare/special blocks or resources needed to access features in the game, or also to build certain structures with different styles (I love building so this really hits me hard). This really limits how much of the game you can play.
  • Generated structures are not populous at all. Dungeons, Strongholds, and other generated structures (including other structures in the other two dimensions - remember world borders are the same size in every dimension, also note the revamped End in 1.9 will not be playable with the current world border in place) will be rare or outright blocked off. This again limits how much of the game that we can play.
  • As you mentioned, with the world border resources will be scarce - which I don’t mind that much, but the 400x400 size, again limits gameplay. Certain large scale projects will be very, very hard to take on with such a scarce world size.

As I said before, the world border idea is great. But I strongly feel it’d be much more practical if you expanded it’s size, or maybe found a custom map which makes most game features (biomes, structures, etc.) accessible with such a small world size.


i think i’ll join this.

are we allowed to just build “whatever” we like, or does the community on a whole need to build houses etc?

You can do whatever you like, but keep in mind the players are forming separate governments. If one such government rises to power, they may enforce restrictions. Other than that you should be perfectly fine.

After reading your reasoning behind this, I do agree. We’ll have to see what @zippy611 thinks, although I was previously the biggest proponent of a small world border.


Or you will need to make careful use of renewable resources. :wink:

What if we were to do it like this? Once a week, most likely a weekend, we can remove the world border temporarily, this will allow people to go and collect resources, then the world border will shrink again at the end of the day. This will allow people to collect resources but still provide a reason to build all together. If need be we can increase the world size to provide people with more space to build.
Let me know what you think in this poll:

  • Increase the world border permanently!
  • Increase it temporarily once or twice a week!
  • Keep it the same!

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After much talking, we have decided to raise the world border from 400x400 to 800x800! This will quadruple the area of our map!

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I was hoping it’d be more than 1000x1000, but this is a great, considering everyone is still just starting out. But I will ask, if the conditions are met, could the border be further expanded or will this be the final size?

We decided that 1000x1000 is too big and 400x400 is too small. This right in the middle. We will probably not expand the world after this, so enjoy

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We’ll have to see. More than likely the border will be expanded if we actually reach a point where things are overcrowded. But that’s a long time in the future.

Actually, that’s just a number you came up with which sounds like a good ballpark estimate, it will probably be around 1000x1000.

Yeah for now it will probably stay at 400, although I may expand the world border this coming weekend if people need to make resource runs.


Huh. It sounds really interesting, but I’ve been incredibly busy with academic work, plus working through a backlog of maybe a dozen or so games (many of which are RPGs…). I might have to pass on this one, though if it’s still going on around winter break I’d consider checking it out.

Granted, by that time it’s going to be veeeery interesting to see how far I could actually get with all the resource and space depletion going on…

(On the plus note, your discussion on the world boundary gave me an interesting idea to share for Stonehearth gameplay! I’ll whip up the Suggestion post later this week…)