Dining Table Placement Bug

Happy new year to all my SH forum friends!

What would New Years Day be without a bug report? Unfulfilling. That’s what.

Anyway, Whilst watching the good citizens of the lovely hamlet of North West, I became aware of a chorus of tiny voices coming from the vicinity of the dining hall.

“This dining hall is the pits!”, Lorna cried.
“It’s all cramped and Mell’s pet raccoon keeps hopping up on the table!”, exclaimed Idria.
“It also smells funny in there…”, stated Fiona, “and the floor is greasy.”

So, out of concern for by beloved Hearthians, I asked them what could I, their Benevolent Overlord and Master, do for them.

Lorna stated that they had come to a concensus, and they decided they wanted a small outdoor seating area, where they could dine and enjoy the weather and get away from Mell’s raccoon, Squiffy.

How could I not grant them this small wish? Dining al fresco is one of life’s simple pleasures, plus I also hate that friggin’ raccoon…

When asked whether they preferred a booth or table, the litany of “Booth, Booth” began. I began to direct the proper workmen in their tasks. Alaina began crafting the table that would serve as a prototype, the first step on the path to outdoor dining enjoyment. Since they wanted booths, I decided that wooden park benches would fit the bill nicely.

After construction, the park benches were set in order, awaiting the placement of the table.

The beginning of the outdoor seating area

But after waiting 2 days, nobody would place the table.

On a hunch, I moved one of the benches…

Any of them will do…

Soon after moving the bench, guess what happened!?!

YAY! Al Fresco dining enjoyment is on the horizon!

Yes, after moving one bench, my workers placed the table no problem. You can then go ahead and put the bench back in it’s original place around the table, and your Hearthians will eat contentedly from any bench!

so… the steps to recreate:

  1. Create a dining table and 4 park benches.

  2. Place the 4 benches in a square pattern, leaving a space in the middle for the table.

  3. You can place the table, but as long as the benches are in this pattern, the table will never get set. move one of the benches and they will set the table almost immediately (as long as nothing else is going on).

  4. The game does NOT have this same problem with regular chairs. I tried the same experiment with table and chairs and they placed the table with no problem while the chairs were in the square pattern.

I know this post was long for what seems like an unimportant report, but it bothered me and I had to get it off my chest.

I and the good people of the (now) contented empire of North West thank you for your time.


Their big feet couldn’t fit between the benches space and they weren’t strong enough to place the table by throwing it above a bench (as there’s only one settler carrying the table)…

Anyway good catch! :smile: This will probably apply to similar placements with other objects. The point 4 you mention might be due to the collision boxes of the chairs, or their width.

Perhaps the benches were too close to the table? Not a single square in the ground between them? Or maybe it’s a bench specific bug, who knows.

Thanks for reporting, it’s always good to be aware of these issues :+1:


The benches were placed at the same widths as the chairs. I think the collision boxes of the benches are a little larger than the chairs, thus causing the error.

One good thing, though.
I made the completion of this area a priority today, so now the villagers have a swank new eatery in town, with a lovely outside dining area!


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