Building More than one dining table gives Assertion Failed

Title: Table’s Can’t be next to one another.

So i though because i had around 10 villagers id make one giant dinning table for them all to sit at. I made 4 of them and added 2 side by side,When trying to place the third table the game popped up with an assertion Failed error.
(Small Diagram)
The 2 lines represent the first 2 placed where the X represents the third table that crashes the game.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Make 3 Dining tables.
  2. Line them evenly. 2 lines of 2. Try and make a 2x2 square of dining table’s.
  3. After the third table is placed the assertion error pop’s up.

Expected Results:
Assertion Failed error will pop and game will crash.
Actual Results:
Assertion Failed error will pop and game will crash.
P.S Don’t do like me and save -.-'

Versions and Mods:
Version 0.1.0 (Build 1633)
System Information:
Window’s 7 64bit | AMD phenom x4 | Gtx 600 |

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hey there @iganjai… welcome aboard! :smile:

thanks for the well formatted report… have you confirmed that this is consistently reproducible? I only ask because the error is somewhat generic and may be cause from something else that’s going on in your game…

I tried to reproduce from a fresh game just now. Didn’t seem to work. Tried placing the tables one at a time and all at once, but neither method caused a problem. Also tried using Dining Tables and Table For One, but neither had problems. Attached screenshot of successful completions.

Were you moving a table that was already placed for the third table? That is known to be buggy and causing assertion failures.

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I tried reproducing it again but i might have moved one of the other’s that where already placed. So it might be my bad on that one. Ill keep trying to reproduce it to see if anything pops up.

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thank for the followup folks! perhaps we can merge this with another “assertion failed” report…