[Con] Eating at the table bug

I found this bug when my guys eat at a table.


If you do not know what the bug is the plates are behind the chairs!


thanks for the report (and confirmation)… as always, remember that the more details you can provide, the better…

might not be necessary in this particular case, but just to get the message across… :wink:

I came across this too:


I also have encountered this bug.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Craft a Dining Table
  2. Craft a Simple Wooden Chair
  3. Place the table anywhere.
  4. Place the chair facing towards the table

Expected Results:
The settler would take food when hungry and sit down to eat.

Actual Results:
Upon sitting down with food in hand, the food teleports to behind the settlers chair while they eat.

Versions and Mods:
Stonhearth R22 Alpha 1

System Information:
Manufacturer TOSHIBA
Model Satellite C875D
Total amount of system memory 4.00 GB RAM
System type Windows 8 64-bit
Processor AMD A6 -4400M APU
AMD A6 -4400M APU
Number of processor cores 2 @ 2.70 GHz

Display adapter type AMD Radeon HD 7520G
Total available graphics memory 2030 MB

This bug keeps happening in r34 (I know, it wasn’t a priority).
It happens without need of a table, just a female sitting in a chair to eat is enough.


So I was playing around with SH again, and made a dinner setting for my peeps. Seems like they all have a difficult time understanding, that plates aren’t supposed to go behind you when you eat. Here’s a picture of the debacle:

Maybe eventually the plates will end up on the tables while they eat, but for now this is pretty hilarious!