Bug: Settlers Not Sitting at Available Tables to Eat

I noticed this in a game I played today and didn’t see any other bugs like it reported. Two of my workers sat down in the stockpile to eat when there were open chairs at the table. I’ve only noticed this once so far.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Build and set-up tables and chairs for settlers to eat at.

Expected Result: Settlers would use tables and chairs.

Actual Result: As shown in picture, some settlers chose to eat picnic style, instead.

I apologize that there weren’t many steps to reproduce this; I’m not really sure what else I did that may have triggered this. Also, for all I know, it’s not a bug. I just thought it was odd and that I should mention it.

I’m running the latest version on Steam, using the unstable build tree. No mods. Windows 8.

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maybe one of the villagers has gone invisible and is siting at the table and eating or some villager was on their way so the sitting down villager sat down and ate

No, it happened again in the same game and everyone was visible, I think. Six of them, right?

I didn’t manage to grab a screenshot the second time before the two of them that were on the ground stood up.

maybe one of the villagers was slow

Well, I have noticed that. :smiley: