[Con] Hearthlings not using tables for glasses

Im not sure if this is a known bug but yeah.

I’m not 100% sure but it looks as if the chairs are to far from the table, You should be able to move them one block further I think :stuck_out_tongue: That’s happened to me a few times, If not it could potentially be a bug or a glitch. Hope that helps in some way :wink:

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People sitting inside the table for one model while eating.

Steps to reproduce:
Craft and place a table for one, and a few chairs.
Place them like normal.
Wait for lunch.

Expected Result:
People will sit around table to eat lunch.

Actual Result:
People sit both in and around the table for lunch.

Alpha 7 r 195

One person inside the table for one model while others gather around for lunch at the same table.

One person floating above the chair while eating at the table while someone else is sitting inside.

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i believe it due to the fact that the chairs that close to the table makes there legs stick into the table slightly, thus they float above it. just a guess though.

I don’t know if making another report for this, as for me it’s the same bug.
Settlers are also using dressers and writing tables as chairs (as of r195):

The units sit above the seats and not on the seats. I don’t know what causes this. But here is a screen shot.

To replicate I think try mining a lot then have the units sit, and it may show up.

out of curiosity, can you try freeing up more space around the chairs and see if they still choose to levitate? :smile:

I will post tonight but it has happened when there is 100% free space around the chair.


Here is an example of a chair sitting in the air with no one around. And someone next to him not sitting in the air with someone next to him.

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