Did you know you can build something in the game and export it as *.qb? No need to external model softwares!


That’s right!
Using the debug tools, you can shift+click in a building and chose the option Dump to .QB

That will create an *.qb file at the game folder. The name of the file will be the same name of the building. The screen below (from my game folder) shows the build named lala got exported as lala.qb, while the building shown in the previous screenshot had no name, so it got its number, as 1.qb

And here the file imported into MagicaVoxel (one of many model editors you can use)

Notice that only blocks are imported, the items all all ignored.

Build-tool issue list
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So basicly we can now make tiny models of our buildings? i need to try this! thank you for sharing this Bruno :merry:


You know, a class (like a toy maker) who’s only purpose is creating mini toy houses, so you can play a city builder game where your citizens play with city building toys! :triumph:


This is Awesome! :grinning:
Now I can extract my buildings and export them to .OBJ in Qubicle for use in 3D-renders :smiley:


how would you do this now that you can’t shift+click on buildings anymore?


There’s a console comand (CTRL+C) for it - I just can’t remember right now – but I think that if you type “help” in the console it might be there


I saw one say: dump_building - Dumps the selected building to a qubicle file.

but I didn’t see a file in my folder afterwards. do I have to type true after it or something?


Yea nothing anymore. I guess this is no longer a thing?


Dawwww D: That’s a shame!