Dev-build buged workshop content

good day, I am a fan of your work, and may i say good game. however i must inform you of a bug i stumbled on in the modding and workshop content section of the main menu. you see i made a temple out of blocks mimicking the zombie temple that can pop up in game, however when i go to upload it to the workshop as a mod i am given a bad id you see if i upload a blank mod without the template check box checked the mod enters the workshop just fine however if i use one of the check boxes the mod will not be uploaded and given a bad id this may have something to do with the privacy settings i have on my steam account whatever the case i think it would be useful information to add to the modding guide you plan to put out if it is just a settings issue. i look forward to hearing from you

1.use alpha
2.use steam
3.mods menu
4.upload a template with the check box
5.upload my template with check box-cant upload file :frowning: have it tho
6.make sure to use check box of including in game picture
8.check to see that steam id is good and it is up on the workshop and has been downloaded from the shop

use with/without mod list

Steps to TS:

  1. check settings/workshop id steam side
  2. check game compatibility settings with workshop content
  3. check template upload compatibility with/without modded content
  4. check with template of non alpha build template as the template is from an old build but still build-able in game

Expected Results:
zom zom temple in work shop :slight_smile: and or in game as a cleric’s home that would be cool.

Actual Results:
under workshop uploads invalid steam file id

hope for some one to look this over for me so the workshop can mesh better with the game and modding community

i love the game.there were mods in use so that may effect the upload i will list them. but I feel that some time should be put into updating the in game building template’s at some point contacting the modder’s to ask for there content is not a bad idea most modder’s would love to have there content added to the final game so plz have some one form the dev team in hr or pr look into contacting modder’s for there content. a fast building one bed slum hovel would be nice something that you can build a few of in a day with a single builder or even stack on each other so you can get them out of the rain.

mod folder as is

Version Number and Mods in use:
latest alpha build as of 6/18/18 on steam

mod list: extensive but all in the workshop

Big House - two floors

Hearths for StoneHearth - Ascendancy

Merchant Guild “Door at roof”

Tavern “Prancing Pony”

Vasedro - Basic Template Pack {the style of housing in this mod is so nice the open style of looking in on the buildings.:):smile:}

Weaver’s Hovel

Wizard Tower

Guesthouse “Yellow Mouse”

Ballista Turret

Better Storage

Carpenter´s House

Town Center “Little Palace”

Lorkis Biome

Medieval House

Miner Profession

Patrol Points

Settlement Decor


Taiga Biome

DFC Templates


Wolmoro Houses {the style of housing in this mod is so nice having the slums style}

wooooooooo that list took forever/ most of my afternoon but i want to make sure you have all the info to help you hlep me

System Information:
top of the line 1080ti 16 g of ddr4 and a high end lintel cpu 3.4-3.2 hz

new user can not upload content i have the file but cant upload it :frowning:

Thanks for the detailed report. You should be able to upload files now.

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ok i have the file here in a rar i will check in some time tomorrow to see if you have a fix for me New WinRAR archive.rar (20.7 KB)

i will also have this open as long as im on

ow also theirs a memory leak somewhere in this load out of the game and mods when you use the builder with the content packs i got some of them don’t pop up and others cause a memory leak when a blueprint is placed but not built and then removed