[Dev Blog] Stonehearth Latest Steam Branch Updated with develop-1687

Is there an update for stonehearth? steam is updating it atm . .

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So it looks like it might be a nice litle bug fix update of my PC is just slow at updating and this was updated before.

Bug fixes

Fixed Crashing bug affecting Vista computers, for real this time.

Combatants will no longer try to fight each other if they are on different vertical terrain levels

Fixes to save/load bugs

so if some one can tell me if this is a new bug fix update or not thanks :smile:


I wager its a bug fix push, given the reduced team size and as there hasn’t been a blog post update yet…

@sdee … anything particularly juicy in this update? :smile:

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so it is new and my Computer is not just slow at updates? that’s good to know.

well, I just fired up Steam, and it doesn’t look like my client was updated… at least, i’m not entirely sure…

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I got the update today too.

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http://stonehearth.net/2014/10/15/stonehearth-latest-steam-branch-updated-with-develop-1687/ yep it is a update bug fix thing.

Yay! It works again xD


Yay! These last few versions have been brutal with bugs. Can’t wait to try it out!!


Oh, I remember the stutter from when… :no_mouth:
Umm… could someone that can record game, report that sometimes the space+mouse to move the camera gets stuck/doesn’t work? (If that person has this issue, of course). :sweat_smile:

If not I’ll try to find some time tomorrow.


Is there an difference on how you use the modded .smod-files with this update?
Because it won’t work with my mod .smod (simply don’t start the game), but running normal if i just unzip all the modded file to a folder. So all the files are working fine (just checked the changes in the .luac files), but in .smod-format this is a mess and that confuses me :S

Any idea? ^^


Figured if I only shirked a few responsibilities today, I could get some SH time… Started a new game, not even a peep of stuttering!

Must’ve been stupid Google Drive or something else in the background updating while I was playing


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