[Dev Blog]A9 Bug-fix-palooza. Stonehearth latest branch updated to release-223



Flight permission on floating oak trees has been revoked



at least they are keeping their spirits up whilst continually on the hunt for bugs to squash… :smile:

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On the Idle Workers bug, would it help to upload a copy of a save file that it happened to, or what would the best course of action be to help with that?

That would definitely help!

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Of course this would happen. From what I can see, the bug has fixed itself, as I’ve played for the last 2 hours straight, and have yet to run into the bug. I’ll continue to try and find it again, as I deleted the old files that it had started in.

i have noticed that the game crashes faster now then it did before i had the last few up dates i just did the steam so i could keep up to date with updates. i get one or two peeps then crash, or the silly goblin comes to blackmail me then crash. i think my computer had a code for why it crashed this time i will keep an eye out and get it on here for you nice people.

With the steam client, it helps minimize crashes by doing a file integrity check after check version change, or a complete Uninstall / Reinstall.

That’s what I’m seeing, at least on the 32bit version. I can’t get past day 4 before the game crashes or stops saving correctly. Also, now, when I save ‘new’ and the save fails, it no longer drops the two .bin files in the folder. Now, I just lose all my progress. Sad, but I basically can’t play at all now. especially since the 64bit version blows up on AMD machines and I’m relegated to the even less stable 32bit version.

I don’t understand this. I’m running AMD Phenom II x4, and dual ATI Radeon 7770HD’s, and yes, the game will have spikes at times that use 100% processor across all cores, and it lags during this time, but I don’t get crashes. Is there something I’m missing?

Crashes, apparently :slight_smile:

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i only get the rare crash:

  1. when i record with fraps and alt-tab (instant crash to desk top)
  2. doing 10000000s times more work than 10 hearthlings can manage at once (crash- freeze)
  3. harvesting 60+ trees or mining blocks at any one time (stop-lag: h…e…ll…o h…h…how a…re y…you…)

is there a way to turn off steam and just play it on my computer this may be causing my crash issue. i would like to try and see

you could try steam in offline mode to do that, just pull your ethernet out/turn wifi off for the length of time you play stonehearth (i think if you put the internet back on, once in offline mode, it auto connects??? otherwise just get your password wrong :stuck_out_tongue: )

I’ve found running it in windowed mode makes it more stable in comparison.

A bug I’ve seen for a few builds now. Seems like bundles of leather can’t be made. I’m guessing because it requires a ‘fur pelt’ but you get squirrel pelts, rabbit pelts, etc.

Just go the the StoneHearth install directory and run Stonehearth.exe directly.

OK, i just did something a little crazy. I uninstalled the steam version of SH, then moved my Alpha 8 humble version into the steam folder. Then i started the the steam down load all over again and its going into my Humble SH file. i have a feeling neither will work after this. :persevere: But i have nothing to loses i can always downland them anyway.

But “NonBritGit:” when this fails and I’m 99.7% that it will I try your idea now that i found were the files were hiding.

thanks for the help everyone i know that when some one like me (not very computer savvy) has these issues its a pain to explain it to us.