[Dev Blog] Steam Unstable Updated to Alpha 4 Build 118

Epic thanks for the update :smiley:

Awesome update :slight_smile:
building is still a bit buggy but at least they put up windows for me now. On thing that still breaks the game for me is when i accidentally place 2 buildings too close to one another and the roofs overlap, when that happens my citizens just freeze and get stuck.

But overall this was a great update cant wait for alpha 4 :stuck_out_tongue:

Aw, why’d you have to release just when I was at my parents’ place where I can’t reasonably play/test it? I guess I’ll have to wait until early next week now…

Anyway, very excited about the reported improvements :smiley:

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Workers don’t seem to find a way to build a ladder going down a heigh level (= when starting from a higher ground).

would you be able to submit a bug report, or perhaps provide a screenshot or two depicting this? thanks!

yes, ladders don’t “go down” just yet…

Ok. Apart from that I have a serious problem with attacking goblins. They freeze a part of the UI for me after the first theft I fight with the CTA. When this happens I’m stuck with the harvestings tooltip in the lower left corner and the last thing I had clicked before the attack (could be the button for the carpenter workshop). It’s game over at that point. I can still click every item but the UI doesn’t show the tooltip or the options so I cannot place furniture, plants and basically everything else (e.g. the stockpile options).

If it’s anything like the UI freeze from this issue and this one, a save/load should fix this problem. Have you tried that?


Also notice lack of events, been logging about 2hr of play time and not a single event appeared.

Interesting, I had a a few of them in 2 hours. 3 Trading option and 4 villagers joined.

So I have prided myself on not losing any villagers to goblins since shortly after alpha 3 was released.

Wife totally distracted me while I was playing and I had the misfortune of turning towards my pc just in time to witness poor Cray cut down by a vengeful goblin while his fellow villagers watched in horror…

As if a gift from Church of Plenty… i was sent 2 Footman in rapid succession. They now patrol my village to keep them protected in honor of Cray.

RIP Cray, I hope you enjoy the flowers we left by your grave.


Yes, save/reload solves the problem :wink:

edit: What doesn’t get solved by a reload is the lazy workers just standing around at one point into the game and finally dying from hunger. The other things I encountered are more or less minor: Bushes wouldn’t show the graphic that new berries have grown (you can still harvest them) and my workers wouldn’t move the dining table inside the new cantina I build but would do so with the chairs. I was also quite sad that my settlers don’t sit on the four benches I placed around the campfire for them. They seem to prefer the ground.


I have 13 Villagers at the moment…and FIVE of them are footman. I don’t know where all these wandering mercenaries are coming from, but i feel SUPER safe right now.

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They must have heard about how happy the people in your town were and decided to come check it out!


Seen on sign outside town

“It’s been 4 Days since the last fatal Goblin Raid!”

Wandering Villagers… “Good enough!”



as seen on signs typically found outside my own settlements:

Welcome to Steffers Geodamo! We’ve gone 10 9 8 7 6 days “a while” without a workplace accident!


I Seem to have lost this post…


I’m guessing there are what, 20 lamps there? Hmm… dunno how good your PC is, but maybe optimising the lighting engine is (yet) another item to add to the “To Do Soon” list for Alpha 5 or w/e… if we’re going to start seeing towns grow now, then yeah this could be an issue.

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Yup, 20 lamps. Viewing the entire town during the day I get anywhere from 15-40fps.

Night time (when it recovers from all the lanterns turning on) averages at about 9-12.

Obviously I can get around this by zooming in and focusing on small parts of the village at a time, so it’s still playable.

Edit: I use this computer for 3d animation and motion graphics, so it’s a decent one. But it is almost 4 years old

Intel i7-2670QM CPU @2.20GHz 2.20 GHz
8 Gigs Ram
NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M

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best settlement I’ve seen so far… well done!! :+1:

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