[Dev Blog] Release 393 available on main Steam branch

Here are the patch notes:

Better Error Window

The error window is much improved and can now be closed permanently.

Start Up Diagnostics

We've added a lot more diagnostics to help determine the cause of crashes on start up. Although this build may still crash on start up, the data it provides will help us fix the issue.

Also, if you are having problems launching the game on Windows 7, make sure Service Pack 1 is installed.

Bug Fixes

  • Lua no longer consumes 100% CPU after multiple errors.
  • Removing a building after starting construction no longer generates a scaffolding error.
  • Deleting a building after placing template no longer throws errors.
  • Workers will now restock items acquired from the trader.
  • You can now promote even when the talisman is located at high altitude.
  • Items in stockpiles at high altitude are now included in inventory/score.
  • Hitting escape while planting banner no longer throws a UI error.
  • Fixed errors when shepherd is chasing down sheep.
  • Fixed waterfall error when water bodies are merging.
  • Rendering errors that resulted in light shafts / god rays emanating from light sources is fixed.

Other Changes

  • Party menu now has hotkey 'g'.
  • Various tooltips fixed

Finally, thanks again to all of you for helping to make this a better game!


Thanks for wrangling this release out the door, @albert! :smiley:


Hey Team Radiant!

Good Job there, will test it ASAP for sure, although I didn’t have any crashes so far.
By the way: While downloading it through Steam, I noticed that the Stonehearth-Logo shown in the Download-Section is still the old one.
Perhaps you want to replace that?

Keep it up!


How is this done anyway? I haven’t found any option that allows you to permanently disable errors in the GUI. The new error window is nice though. More stonehearthy :smile:

Also, if you turn it off, can it be turned back on later?

great patch!
might be beneficial to update it in the news section for the game on steam, just so more people see it :slight_smile:

Thanks for this update, team Radiant! I will try it out tonight.

nice work, as always, Team Radiant…

Pargy? No! G for group! Clearly



awesome! but why does a new release always have to come out just as i get 20 hearthlings :joy:


@8BitCrab - The save is compatible!


you guys (and girls) are my hero’s!


You guys should start posting news on steam news, now that it’s officially on steam

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We just pushed to the main Steam branch and will post to Steam news. Thanks @jonyon54 and @BacMan12!





Thumbs up for this Update! :thumbsup:

And because I am so happy with that, i made a little rabbit for you, wich says “thank you” :smirk:

… ummmm, no, to be honest i did it before reading this post, but it was fitting so well :open_mouth:


Cool update! :smile: :thumbsup: When will you add non-footman settlers running away from zombies? They seem too easy as of now.

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I`m sorry, but I guess I have to show you this screenshot :sob:



@irgendjemand - Thanks! We’ll get it fixed (again)!


Sorry to disappoint you @Albert, but for me it said: "Not compatible save"
Unfortunately I have already deleted the old saves, so I can’t post screenshots…
Was that just a message you can ignore?

yes, after every update that message will be on any old saves. thought generally you should listen to it, as they will be super buggy normally, but because @Albert said they are compatible i think its fine.

Only the main screen says it was incompatible. The loading page should not have flagged it. This applies only to r375 saves running on r393.


I think that was the case, as I saw the message in the main screen and was like: "Oh yeah, incompatible saves was a thing, go and delete them…"
As I was counting on deleting them for each new release anyways, no problem, but next time: Please say so on the patch notes, because I can’t remember reading something like this.
BTW: Great work on that patch. Really improved my Stonehearth experience (which was already great!).

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