[Dev Blog] On the Importance of Tools


edit: odd, the link isnt displaying a thumbnail of the content for some reason… here’s the intro blurb, to add a bit more meat to this post! :smile:

Stephanie here. Sorry for the delay! Yesterday we wrote so much code that we actually forgot it was Tuesday. But one upshot is that now I can show you screenshots of our new promotion mechanism!


Regarding the delay, I personally blame @Doug’s kitchen contribution:


it would seem there is some confusion over just what is edible, and what is used for cleanliness…

a thin line to be sure, but there is a line… :smile:

edit: ok, i’m really liking the revamped approach to promotion… much more logical “flow”, and makes those units feel all the more special/unique… :+1:


Who is responsible for “I ate a pink one and that is not an experience I ever want to repeat.” Their handwriting is immaculate, it looks printed. Seriously, that is impressive.

I mean, is that even handwritten, it looks like they’ve purchased a massive rubber stamp and meticulously spelt the whole thing out …

I can’t even ,…

Help meeeeeeeee


My actual handwriting is illegible, and Photoshop was open so…

Though now you don’t know what else I changed about the photo. XD Goodness, the things you learn doing mockups for enterprise software!


I’'ll fight you for that title!

Like the excessive abuse levelled at me? I’m used to it, you should hear the way Steve talks to me - perhaps that explains my outburst.


“Anonymity as resistance” is so deep that now all my brain can think is: why is Yoshi standing over your paper?


They’re actually my eyeballs, they protrude slightly. And no, I have no idea how that shadow would work either. I do love Yoshi though, Yoshi’s New Island is coming to the 3DS soon … not that I would purchase it … no …

Anonymity is slowly but surely becoming the bane of my life. But an interesting and thought provoking bane nonetheless!

I also have ‘Anonymity as (ir)responsibility’ scribbled above that, you need bracketed prefixes to make it in academia.

Edit: I’m on board for the Dr. Mario Diorama.


Don’t purchase black licorice from Sprouts.


so much awesomeness contained in this comment from @Tom re: progression tree, that’s its difficult to contain my inner squeeeee!

Carpenter -> Mason -> Blacksmith -> Knight progression

edit: rereading the post, and appreciating all the thought that’s going into the “user experience”…

(nearly) every developer strives for this, but it’s always refreshing to see so much effort out into it… see the thought process involved, and experience the evolution of the gameplay system… :+1:


Ok… i’ve read the title and i thought it was about the programs you use to code the game and such… i know that for models you use qubicle and 3DS MAX to animate it, but now that the title say “tools”, can i ask what programm uses Tom in the streams when he code???

I’ve not found the answer in these forums, i know he said what program was in one of the streams… but i can’t rewatch 8 hours just to find the name of the program :p.

Thanks for the answer!! hopefully i can start my mod soon :D, i just have to wait until they implement someway to get paper… :wink:

Sublime Text is the program we’ve seen in streams for coding. I’m sure I’ve posted a list of all the stuff we know of before and I’m nearly certain I’m not the only one who has. Can’t find where I did though.

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this should help you out! :smile:


You linked the wrong section…one more down :wink:


yeah, fixed… grumble grumble “smart phone”


Why purchase Black Licorice at all? It all tastes like soap.

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@EpicDwarf Good & Plenty is the best!

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Well, alright. Good & Plenty is awesome. But I don’t like the rest.

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Not a fan either…but Ouzo is pretty good…adding alcohol to things makes them taste better.

I loved Yoshi Island. I NEED THAT GAME!