[Dev Blog]Belated Desktop Tuesday, Alpha 9 Trailer



new A9 trailer! :smile: :+1:

love the comment on the blog… “where r meh zombiezzz!”

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:heart_eyes: Why everything looks so crisp and beautiful in the videos?

At this rate I’ll want buy a new computer sooner than I had planned :disappointed:


doooooo iiiit…

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wow alpha 10 looks awesome even if it will not have to much in it!

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Nice trailer :smile: I had to watch it without sound but it looked great.

Agreed. (Times 10 - or is that too agreed-y?)

I don’t know, water and multiple stories seem like quite big additions. I guess they might not change the gameplay as much as, say, the arrival of the footman, but they will certainly affect the way we found villages and build, and will make the game world prettier and more complex.

Zombies sound fun, and I suppose they’ll bring more variety to combat and that kind of thing.