[dev 2650] New AI scaffolding workout

I decided to test out the new AI by giving it the scaffolding job from Hades itself. Welcome to Morningwood Gap. This is the foundation layer for what will eventually be a small castle straddling the gap with the town in caves underneath

3 layers of scaffolding in the center gap, 4 layers on the outside. CPU is 50% idle

Final layers of scaffolding nearly complete now 6 layers in the cener on each side and still 4 layers on the outside. CPU is still favouring the idle side of life

Finished build, scaffolding being torn down. Apparently there were some overly enthusiastic ladder builders who felt the need to go overboard.


Risky business letting your hearthlings create that many ladders!

Those trees… are they planted, is this a natural world seed? :open_mouth:

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That’s my tree farm surrounding it lol. I keep my carpenter busy making me lots of money :smiley:

Yeah, living life dangerously to test out the new build lol. Worst case is I spend a few minutes clicking ladders and destroying them in the console


The completed build, all scaffolding successfully removed without my assistance…I’m going to have to post a screenshot when it’s more than just a featureless gray slab. lol