Peeps dying because of scaffolting

So i made a new game, building is going well. I can see much improvement in the amount of scaffolting that is placed. However they do not add the ladders they usaly do so peeps are dying on top of the scaffolting
Steps to reproduce:

  1. build soming high
  2. wait for the scaffolting
    3)see them die of starvation

Expected Results:
ladders on the spot the shadow appers
Actual Results:
no stairs


Version Number and Mods in use:

System Information:

As you can see allot less scaffolting, so i´m quit happy with this latest unstable build. However the ladders are not being placed. some of the ladders get high enough but because there not being build, villagers die of starvation

If you’re in a situation like this, don’t just rely on the ladders Hearthlings automatically build. You’ll have to manually place scaffolding that is reachable for the Hearthlings that are stuck, and you can always tear it down later.

already did that, this is a bug report on it not happening, not a work around on how to fix a short coming in the game

I get that, but there isn’t really a bug here. Scaffolding and ladders are being built normally and perfectly, it’s just that the construction of scaffolding can’t keep up with where your Hearthlings are. Hearthling’s can’t bridge one-block gaps, and it just so happens that ladders are constructed one block away from the building, because they’re meant to be against the scaffolding.

maby you don’t find it a bug, but it is. Anything the game is not doing what it should is a bug. When scaffolting is not build properly its a bug. When the villagers don’t wanna build a ladder, its a bug.

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Agreed, it’s a bug, scaffolding should probably be first, than the building

Though, ‘bug’ seems to be a bad word for it, lets call it… An ‘AI problem’

i’ll post it under ai issue’s when the topic is created :slight_smile:

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