[Dev 2513] RAM stress test

I was stress testing my RAM usage since I got 32GB of it to see how much I can keep the Derplings busy
as discussed here Hearthling behavior seems to be depending on available RAM so player with less RAM can have less Hearthlings active
so I went ahead and started a ‘bunch’ of jobs for my 25 Hearthlings currently in town:

I had the following :

  • all specialists occupied with crafting orders
  • 4 farmers working on 10 fields
  • 4 footmen patroling a large area
  • a ton of items on the ground waiting for pickup
  • a large group of items marked to be looted
  • a large area of trees selected to be harvested
  • 2 underground mines
  • 2 big buildings being constructed
  • a road being built
  • placed objects to be moved or undeployed
  • whole stockpiles relocated

I checked my RAM usage over 3 ingame days while all the above activities were carried out by my Hearthlings
the game started at ~8GB (my Win7 Ultimate x64 runs at 6-7GB base load) and during the 3 days ingame period it climbed up to ~11GB with two active tasks at 3GB and 0,5GB usage

in the beginning the usage steadily and periodically increased the more jobs I issued

but after some time it only slightly increased further despite having the same amount of active tasks (or even more)

they finished most of the tasks and at the end I had the same RAM usage with almost no active tasks open at around 11GB

but suddenly I had to stop the test because I ran into some errors :confused:

I wonder how much the Hearthling population increases the RAM usage or if the amount of open tasks is more a problem…
or both combined as you tend to think that with more workers you can do more/multiple activities

the only feelable difference all these activities made was a big FPS loss despite the fact that my rig has 2 GTX970 with overall 8GB G-RAM


Thats one awesome test!

another round of stress testing with the same save file as the last test ^^
I decided to stress out more of the lua by having a lot of active tasks at the other end of the map so there would be looong paths
for more details I also monitored my GPU load this time

this time however my RAM instantly rose from 7,6GB to 9,3GB right after loading the savegame

first bunch of tasks at the far end of the map making my RAM jump 2GB in almost no time

correlating directly to the RAM usage of Stonehearth.exe

welcome, Agent 26 … at almost 10GB RAM

I issued even more mining and looting jobs… strange thing happened: the Goblin info of “Zug the Magnanimous” stayed there even after he got killed by my footmen and I had to F5 reset my UI to make that info go away

I kept them little Derplings really busy with a lot of looting, mining and harvesting… slowly reaching 12GB over time

and then… at some point around 13GB RAM load I hit another error I never encountered before

the two Stonehearth.exe occupied almost 6GB of RAM at that point

well I think I broke something this time… after reloading this savegame I got 307 errors :stuck_out_tongue:

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Have you tried mining out huge mountains?
It is said there is a NOM NOM RAM monster out there …

I could not play with that as much as wanted, 12 not enough.

Also, select a tremendous amount of land ( 250+ x 250+ ) and just go: "CTRL C - Type: IM"
Game tends to freeze for a few seconds, I wonder what’s going on there…

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well I have two large areas being mined at the same time

but I’m sure I can start even bigger mines

hmm I could use console commands but I wanted to test the “normal” behavior instead of insta mining stuff^^

well right now the game already freezes every few seconds despite my hardware not being at max load in any way
CPU ~30%, RAM ~40% at ~13GB (6-7GB from stonehearth.exe) and GPU ~25%

what program are you using? Kinda like that layout.

Edit: I guess I should be more specific you gpu reader :wink:

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I believe this test to be great.

This is core to the idea of getting a game with the complete map and even under management of bigger Hearthling armies, I believe this is something definitely to look at.

Would you try bigger areas?

Below you may find my testing area:

This is why I believe the game engine to be a main priority.

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it’s called GPU Observer and is a gadget for the Win7 sidebar

so I just continued this savegame and decided to give the engine some rest
I issued no new mine or harvest commands and spent the last 10 ingame days watching them mopping up all the stuff that was littered all over the place
so given time and patience they will eventually collect everything over time and when they did it’s time for some huge new tests :smiley:

in the meantime I lost 4 good workers due to stupidity
I ordered them to dig out a connection between two lakes and forgot to provide them a ladder out of the water resulting in 4 drowned Hearthlings :confused:
(well to be correct they starved underwater as they can’t drown/swim yet)

but despite the loss my population is almost back at 30 Hearthlings ^^


ty for the reply! And cool work your doing.

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I finally killed it!!.. with a rock… for good!!!

what a nice way to dust of my RAM modules as I rarely have a chance to go full rampage on my 32GB

insta-killed the engine after loading my savegame giving me a steady RAM increase
no reaction from the game (could roam around with the camera but that’s it) after having some major issues

well… time for a new savegame then… 2521 here I come :smiley:
(should I modify this thread or start a new one? please advise ^^ )