Dev 2083 observations

Seeing a lot of idle hungry hearthlings.
Mining is a great addition. I have noticed some issues though:
"Mining roads can be dangerous if you then have to dig under them.
Resetting the AI via F3 can leave the AI in a worse state than before. I have dug into mountains quite a bit, maybe this confusing pathfinding?

oh, saves will sometimes delete instead of overwrite.

parties don’t check to see that they are actually a party, so if you intend on sending two people, sometimes only one will go and die.

Sorry, I am a bit of a backseat coder, but it seems to me that the AI model is a little wonky. This is a really good situation for an agent based model, that doesn’t seem to be what’s happening, it looks like the AI is round robining the hearthlings? or sometimes they get confused?
Also, there is a lot of lost state in the game. All sorts of things have broken state, workshops block seemingly for no reason, the workshop queue doesn’t understand dependencies very well at all which would be fine if it was responsive but there is often times lag between changing the queue and the unit acting accordingly. often times exiting the game is required to fix this. Also, the arrows disappear and seem to reappear on open/close of the workshop.

The grids line up in odd ways, so it’s difficult to put a gate in hole cut into the side of a mountain.

Using fences is really difficult.

can’t dig up/miners don’t use scaffolds.

Also, conceptually mining is a bit tricky because people go really far away in mines, they drive cars in mines, etc etc. But this game doesn’t really handle distant locations well. I want to put roads in mines, but I am afraid to.

I don’t know if the designers intend for mining to be so involved, but right now it is a lot of work, which I really like. I like building out a mine. It would be nice if they had some simple machine, like wheel barrows.

Items getting stuck on ladders is really annoying in mines.

Maybe Hearthlings should store some paths so they don’t get lost. Like the path to the last bed they slept in. The last place they sat to eat. The problem with this is when a new bed is made how are these paths updated? I suspect there would need to be a data structure just for tracking the creation and destruction of beds and notifying agents.

It would be nice to know if I have all the things required to make something before I tell someone to start making it, since they won’t resolve dependencies themselves. This is especially true for the blacksmith since the ore basically all looks the same. I am using the inventory view for this, but the process could be a little smoother.

If I have an item inventoried, a unit is walking to it, then I unselect that item type from inventory, there is a significant lag before the unit continues to get that item.

iron helmet is offset and not on the head of unit.

There is nothing in inventory that just gives a count of hearthlings.

When can a blacksmith make a pick? They should be able to do it at level 1, but it doesn’t appear on the list.

One thing that I would really like to see implemented (if it is now, I didn’t see it) is pre-templated dig plans along the lines of the pre-saved building templates. In Dwarf Fortress I had standard fort floor plan layouts all scripted in a spreadsheet and could run a script to paste them into a given game. I’d really like to see something similar in Stonehearth if possible.


The game is getting more stable, I reached day 21 today :smile:
4 remarks:

  • Could you make plush rabbits stockable?
  • Erasing a bit of road leaves a hole. Could it revert back to the grass ground as it was before?
  • Lots of ghost items when we move or store back some furniture.
  • Could you add a button to crop zones to pause the farming. I had too much silkweed and I could only erase the field.
    Thank your for your efforts. Stonehearth is such a wonderful game :smile:

If you click the farm and then set it to Fallow (no crop) the whole plot gets paused. Whatever’s growing there now finishes and gets harvested but the farmer won’t plant another crop until you change the setting. I use this to manage excessive silkweed production. :smile: