[Determination] troubles conecting?

come to my attention that a few people cannot join an MP game regardless of any mods

i know @TheHeiRou cant join me and others… and also another steam frind Demolisher YT cannot join anyone

Anyone/how many having the same issue???

This needs to be fixed bad

do they get any kind of error showing? also, do they have UPNP on in their routers? (good) or a strict nat because of shitty ISP? (bad)

i think they would have told me, so i doubt it?

soo what does happen? can they click the invitation to join and… -x- ?
or they click join via the steam context menu. and -y-

just something like cannot connect/connection failed/connection error is all he get’s

Demolisher can TRY to join… but it 100% kicks him 100% of time with the above … as for @TheHeiRou no idea, but think it was the same

so he can accept inv/ask inv… just cant join at all

I do know @TheHeiRou has good internet speed, not sure of any other weirdness with their ISP. Curiously I was able to join him briefly, but a mod seemed to crash the server very quickly.

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