Design-able Decorations and Furniture

Being able to design custom furniture anyone?

A special class maybe an upgrade for the carpenter would take a template that you could make or download and build the decor/furniture that is shows.

For Example:
I design a special chest of drawers through a similar program modders use to design their modules and items form their mods.

Then I add it too a certain file or drop box that will go straight to the crafting UI for the crafter to use.
I could download a specially designed piece of decor from someone else and transfer it to a file or drop box that would appear to the crafting UI so the crafter can construct it.

Of course there would be limits as to how many resources it takes to craft it.

Sounds good to me! The program is called qubicle. But, I have a quick question. Would you have to be qubicle and then create designs, then proceed to download them into the game? This seems like the most efficient way to do it, but it also seems it might be a bit pricey of a way to do it.

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Sadly yes. Maybe a website where you can share and let others download your designs and would fix the turmoil of confusion

not to be rude, but i don’t really see a point, as this is exactly what is done with modding… you make your model, you copy and change a bit of code, and then you have you custom furniture in-game.