Descendants of Númenor (MOD)

Please updatteee ee ;E; ;_;


not usre how this tread works. new I am. is this out? or not yet? be so cool to look like men of the north of middle earth!


Nope sadly not. it might be updated soon =D



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I don’t think updates will be coming anytime soon, we have to wait a little longer :wink:.
In the meantime, @Vargbane released a new mod with weapons and armors including
the ones you see on this thread:

I do apologize if you already seen this one :sweat_smile:.

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Yes! -like @Stmpnk wrote, the ‘Númenorian Armory’ MOD is a small part of this MOD.
My thought is to build up this MOD alongside the Númenorian Armory.

After being away for a while it felt like a big project to rebuild the (very) outdated DON MOD.
So I made the ‘Númenorian Armory’ MOD, which I also will base the Update for ‘DON’ on.
Both MODs will be the quite the same now in the beginning.
The difference being that this MOD will not only focus on military things, but the whole Gondorian concept.

I will add things continuously like Decorations, Furniture, Construction-things like windows and doors and more to the ‘Descendants of Númenor MOD’ when the opportunity arises :+1:


Descendants of Númenor
Númenorian Armory

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The re-building of this MOD has started, -it will feature most of the old items, and some new :grinning::wink:


With the altar thing is it a separate model with the lantern on it or did you find a way to place items top of eachother?

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The altars, or ‘Plinths’, are separate :grinning:
So the players can place anything they want on them :smiley:

(Btw, you have to place the item on the ground first, then you can place it on the plinth.)

-Just got the light effect to work for the Candelabras, on my upcoming A23 release!
The light still needs some adjusting in strength and size :sweat_smile:

I also tweaked, added and changed a few of other things in the A23 Version.

Candelabra Light Effect DoN23

Candelabra Light resized for the candles
Candelabra Light resized for the candles_4
Candelabra Light resized for the candles


First A23 Version of ‘Descendants of Númenor’ for StoneHearth Unstable available now :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi folks! (=

Anyone know a way to make a container to only
store a specific category of items?

I want to make the ‘Small Coffer’ to only contain the category ‘Valuables’ :smiley:


Nosing through the json files for one of the new input/output storage bins, found these:

Input bin:

  "stonehearth:storage": {
     "type": "input_crate",
     "capacity": 12,
     "render_contents": true,
     "filter_list": "stonehearth:ui:input_box:filters",
     "is_single_filter": true

Output bin:

  "stonehearth:storage": {
     "type": "output_crate",
     "capacity": 6,
     "render_contents": true

Looking through the input filters, there’s currently:

  • resources
    • wood
    • stone
    • clay
  • ore
    • copper ore
    • tin ore
    • iron ore
    • silver ore
    • gold ore
    • coal
  • ingots
    • copper ingot
    • tin ingot
    • bronze ingot
    • iron ingot
    • silver ingot
    • gold ingot
    • gold flakes
  • animal parts
    • pelts
    • wools
    • feathers
  • plants
    • brightbell
    • frostsnap
    • cactus flower
    • silkweed
  • cloth
    • thread
    • cloth
    • leather
  • raw foods
    • turnip
    • carrot
    • pumpkin
    • corn
    • gourd
    • prickly pear
    • watermelon
    • berries
  • cooking ingredients
    • corn meal
    • flour
    • jerky
    • mutton
    • poyo meat
    • egg

So I’d propose you try using the input_filter type, and adding your own stockpile category to the index, listing the items you want it to accept.

(The filters file is: ui/data/input_box_filters.json )


Thanks @Kittyodoom -This is great! :grinning:

It worked!
Well sort of, but that’s on my part, I must have missed something.
I guess it’s something with the main category, in this case ‘Wealth’ that’s causing the issue.

Though there is a small problem ^^
When placed, the Coffer is set to ‘None’ by default.

An exclamation mark hovers over the coffer.
You can’t choose the category ‘Wealth’ But you can choose ‘Gold’ or ‘Trophy’, by clicking on the icons, and from there it works fine (=

I made a filter list (small_coffer_filters.json), and added it to the manifest.
And then used it for the small_coffer.json filter-list.
“filter_list”: “don_mod:ui:small_coffer:filters”


   "type": "index",
   "stockpile": {
      "wealth": {
         "display_name": "i18n(",
         "filter": "wealth",
         "ordinal": 1,
         "categories": {
            "gold": {
               "ordinal": 1,
               "display_name": "i18n(",
               "icon": "/stonehearth/ui/game/modes/zones_mode/stockpile/images/taxonomy/gold.png",
               "filter": "stockpile_gold_money"

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UPDATE -I have deleted the ‘Trophy’ content (The coffer will only contain gold) :+1:
So the problem I’m having is the exclamation mark icon that hoovers over the coffer, and that ‘Gold’ is not chosen by default :sweat_smile:

If you’re using the lines from above taken from the storage crate…maybe try setting is_single_filter to false?


-You were right on the spot again! :smiley:

I deleted that whole code-line, and voilà! -A coffer for our gold coins has been born! ^^

Big thanks for the help! -I’ll gladly help you with anything within my talent-reach if you need it :tophat: :+1:

(Build 1.43) The Small Coffer now only holds gold coins


Ok kitty helps with coding … what have i done? … It lives! It lives! My Monster LIVES! MUHAHAHAHA :smiley:


Teach a cat to fish… :wink:


Upcoming in the next A23-release :wink:

(It needs allot of tweaks though)