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Was just wondering really how far the Tech Tree will reach.

@Ponder and @Tom
How far do you guys plan on going?

And what does the rest of the community think? Do you think it should just stay kinda medieval? Or should it progress to modern day and have new classes like Scientists? And maybe Machine Operators to run higher tech machines. And maybe Nuclear Engineers etc.

Maybe I’m to far ahead. Just wondering what everybody thought.

there are a few threads where we’ve been speculating on this very thing:

as for staying in a medieval theme, i would say yes… i believe that is the intent, and we wont be seeing any classes that might be thought of from another general timeframe or context… i really cant wait to see how detailed SH’s skill tree and class system is though! :smiley:


I hope that it won’t be that deep and wide that it doesn’t leave me any room to make my planned crafting Mod
But if they do go that far it’s only that much better and I am sure I can find something else to Mod.

Wow I’ve never seen the full tech tree. It seems impressive and yes I believe things should stay medieval and I believe it was answered in a livestream (countdown to kickstarter) that the tech would not involve a changing of time. According to the answer given all tech driven advances would be based on new raw materials and villager level up leading me to believe there is no “tech advancement” per say. It seems that they’re more leaning towards civilization development as opposed to tech advancement.

I do have some quarrels with the tech tree though mostly just being nit picky things. Typically in fantasy a cleric is thought to be a battle priest, perhaps instead of the cleric call it a priest and at the priest tier have an archbishop? The brewmaster to physician is a bit concerning but I suppose it is set in a medieval time. Miller to bailiff also doesn’t make sense to me but I believe this is all still work in progress, and that some of these positions are merely placeholders.

i dont think the team has either… :smiley: the image you may have seen was a fan creation (albeit a great one)…

this is one of those areas i am really looking forward to seeing more detail on as the game progresses, and this is fleshed out…

I completely agree. I can’t wait to see the list even just a rough one.

Yeah. I saw this. It would still be possible to advance tech to real current technology, but I don’t believe that’s goin to happen. Although, maybe someone could make mod…

Brewing originally came from alchemist’s research.
Note also that in Medieval times the Surgeon evolved from a Barber doing bleedings.

I was under the impression that advancing through the game tech tree was based around lower tiers crafting the tools of trade of the higher tiers. ie. the carpenter makes a hammer for the blaksmith, etc…

You would be correct. In a livestream they said in order to advance you needed to craft the tools necessary but I don’t know if they meant the advanced levels or just to turn a basic villager into something. Maybe both xD

correct… at the onset, you start with a group of workers, and whomever you assign the saw becomes a carpenter… a nice pictorial representation can be found here… i love reading these old posts, as it seems i missed lots of details the first time through…

Soo… Would anybody else besides me like to see a mod that brings more advanced technology into the game? Kind of like Industrialcraft for minecraft?


Personally I wouldn’t, I feel like it would break the period. I always thought it a bit odd if one city controls the flow of technology alone. In games like Civ it works because you’re working with a country in this game I feel they’re going more for villages or cities. I will say that if someone does decide to mod it in then they should go all out and mod it so that neutral factions also advance in tech. Therein lies the nature of a mod though. If you want it make it happen.

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IF you wanted to do something like that, it would need to be a total conversion mod similar to tobias norse men. different building, people, techtree tools and all. and it somehow needs to be voxel friendly

Steam punk is always a possibility. It won’t look all out of place, even in the medieval ages.

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given that we’ll be seeing the Engineer class, you should have a bit of free-range to introduce your steam-punk ideas… :smiley:

Fiendishly complex traps. Steam pumps. Black powder.

[quote=“SteveAdamo, post:10, topic:1470”]
a nice pictorial representation can be found here[/quote]

this shows the base class’s like the carpenteer and farmer and trapper but what about the later game class’s. like in the picture File:Stonehearth Classes.png - Official Stonehearth Wiki it has lvlup do you think this would be like once the farmer reach’s lvl say 10 or whatever would their be an option popup to “advance” the farmer into a brewer or herbalist?

I don’t think that’s the case. I believe you change the worker (once they have the necessary skills) by giving them new tools. Like if you give that civ a hoe, he becomes a farmer, and if (once he is good enough at farming), you give him a few kegs and a barley farm, he becomes a brewer. Make sense? So same decision, but he doesn’t just become something new, he has different tools to do a new job.

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my next question is would it be the same for soldiers like if i wanted to make a paladin i would send a “heavy” to a church or chaple or something and the option would be there to have him trained or purified and become a paladin?

Same answer, you give him a new weapon once he is a high enough level, and he is a new type of soldier. That seems to be the route they are going.

Yeah that sounds about right.