Advanced tech (From the 19th century)

Would it be possible to upgrade workshops into factories and other technology from the 19th century? (E.g. trains, advanced deep shaft mining extra.)

@Labigcheese I think Radiant want to keep it Medieval

Will it be possible? Through modding most definitely. But for the core game I think the team want to contain it to having the feel of a specific time period if you like.

A bit busy at the moment but I’ll try and expand on this a bit later for ya.

A big tech tree means more modeling for the developers. If the devs have to spend lots of time modeling this would take time away from the core functionality and it might not be the best that it could be.

Also big tech trees create the problem of rushing quickly through the tech tree trying to get to the end. It almost forces people to rush through the tech levels in order to get to the ‘good’ parts of the game. It should never work like this, people should take the time to be immersed in all levels of tech tree and not fell they need to quickly move forward in order to ‘better’ their experience.

Like Tom has said time and time again: if there is ever a path in the game that makes players feel they need to take it because it has the best gear, buffs, etc. there is something wrong. Instead there should be many different ways to play the game each with their own relatively balanced set of pros and cons.

This is all a very long winded way of saying it sounds cool but it could create a lot of problems, it would however be a cool mod. Anyway that’s my two cents, which is in no way shape or form the definitive, correct answer.

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hi @Labigcheese … you may find this thread interesting…

I think the largest problem in terms of introducing “advanced tech” elements into the game would be in terms of game play balance. If you are trying to have wizards casting magic spells along with knights slaying dangerous dragons, I don’t see how you get that meshed with “steampunk” type technology (aka Gatling guns, Steam-powered locomotives, steamships, dirigibles, mass produced steel, telegraphs, and photography).

As a major mod, I think this could be something very interesting… especially a “total conversion mod” that would essentially be a whole world set in that environment. Playing around in a Charles Dickens world (or a “wild west” world… you could even have a little of both) with villagers that have knowledge of these technologies and act out 19th century professions would be a whole lot of fun. As something that is just tacked onto existing content would be very much out of place and I think these kind of stuff could be overpowering to content based upon earlier human eras.