Deletebutton for reembarkement teams?

@max99x this one is for you if i am informed correctly by @ayazar in todays EU stream :slight_smile:

So i have now reembarked two times and saved the game before each embarkment, so i could go back and make different teams, for different scenarios.

This has resulted in me having alot of teams from the first embarkation and possible the 2nd being of no use to me any more.

But i dont see any option to delete them from the list? Could we get a button in the ui to do that?

*Orders 10 poyo pies from the cook and tell him to reembark with them to the SH headquarters with Max as the recipient*

Thank you!! :heartpulse: :merry:



Sure. I donโ€™t know when Iโ€™ll get some time to do another pass on re-embarkation, but Iโ€™ve added this to the list.