Debug Tools, With the Game

How about adding the Debug tools to the game upon installation? Why not just have it already installed? In the options panel you could add a check box (default Unchecked) to ask if you want to run the game with the Debug tools.

Checked : Enables Debug tools.
Unchecked : It locks them out.

Plus if you ever update the ‘Tools’ everybody would be up to date, every update (One less thing to search for). It might help with the new ppl from Steam also, It took me quite a bit of time to sift through the site just to get up to speed when I joined (Yes! I started from the beginning).

Anyhow, It would be kinda hard to forget about the tools, If everybody had them there from the beginning.

Good day! :slight_smile:

  1. The tools are very unstable and in work
  2. the were only released because lots of people have ask for them … LOTS OF LOTS OF LOTS OOOOOFFFF … normally they wouldnt be released until alpha 14 or 15 ^^
  3. the idea with the integration of them is not bad :smiley: but i think this has low prio at the moment because modding is at the moment only for hardcores xD

Yeah, Its a “Me” being lazy type of deal right now xD, and Honestly! I did forget about them, Till the stream that they were being touted in (I swear, I meant to remember them! :slight_smile: ). Yeah, it is a low priority, I just wanted to put the bug in their ear :stuck_out_tongue:

Since it would still act as basically a plugin, The unstable nature and the fact it would be unchecked initially it shouldn’t effect the game until you checked it, right?! They could add a disclaimer saying it is still unstable, enable at own risk (type of thing).


That’s a lie! Don’t scare people away :stuck_out_tongue:

But the debug tools are only being used by people who are really interested on them.