[Dear Tom] Live Stream 4PM PST - Feb 14th 2014

Are we gonna have domesticated animals, and raise them, get milk from 'em, and kill 'em?

Shall we be seeing horses, mules, donkeys, etc… as RIDE-ABLE animals for our cavalry?
Will we be getting exotic animals like ocelots, elephants, and quetzals?

how will the population growth work? will we get migration waves or family units?
also will we be able to assign people to live in certain houses

Will there be wild hamsters? And if there are, will they give a happiness buff which does something

Will there be an option to tell our workers areas they will go for harvest things?

I have a question for Tom.

Will there be Explosive like TNT, Gunpowder, etc in the game, and how will we be able to use them?

Will we be able to train train H.A.Y’s. Heavily Armored Yaks, or anything similar?

What will the world exploring mechanic be like? Because what if I would want to venture out and CONQUER THE WORLD with my army! How would you guys tackle the fighting and siege mechanic?

I deny my words O_o

PS: Twenty Characters

This is not a question, but it is in bold…

The stream’s over now, was fun though!

Yep. I think it’s time to unpin this thread now

archive of tonight’s stream… added to OP as well…

What is the seemingly obvious but way over my head notion of this thing called “OP”?
-prepares a facepalm;

original post, good sir…

Thanks :cry:

no problem, of course it can also mean original poster, over powered, and a shortened version of operator… :wink:

Or what Smosh thought it was…

and seeing as @Tom decided to publicly shame me for my poorly worded question, i felt the need to elaborate on what i was trying (and failing) to ask… :stuck_out_tongue:

basically, i was curious to know what systems or elements of the game still required conceptualization… and secondarily, would this new artist be freeing Tom up to work more on the programming side of the house…

unfortunately, my question came out more like “why are you hiring a concept artist?”… :smile:

thankfully, i have thick skin and the humiliation passed quickly… the tears, however, continue to flow…


Oh quit your whining.

At least you don’t have to face the humiliation every time your name gets mispronounced.

You hear that? That’s the sound of another piece of my heart breaking.