Dead hearthling

hearthling got stuck on mason’s workshop. I was placing a fence for the animal pens and didn’t know she was stuck until I got a message she was starving.

I’ve also seen this when mining the mtn top and a hearthling falls down two blocks lower and they need to talk. They won’t mine their way back up, another hearthling has to come and mine one block so they can get back up the mtn.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Get a hearthling stuck. Mine the entire mtn top to flatten it to the ground, or make a small area hearthlings need to pass through, put a workshop there.
  2. Find the problem, fix it.
  3. Watch the hearthling die because it ignores your comands.

Expected Results:
Hearthling mines one block to get back up the mtn or hearthling realizes they can move after workshop has been deployed and goes to eat.
Actual Results:
Hearthling dies if you don’t notice the problem before they need to talk or eat.


Version Number and Mods in use:
steam latest version, no mods.

System Information: