Date AND Time Display

Love that the clock tells us what time it is when we hover over it, but I think it’d be cool to show what day we’re on as well, like add a Stonehearth date to it as well underneath the time.


Seconded. Because apparently the days and have cool names just like the months.

that will likely be included when seasons are added to the game. right now there’s little point in finding out what day we’re at, and if you really want to know you could just look at the journal, but when seasons come around, days will be important, and will likely be added to the in-game clock

I find it interesting to see how long I’ve been playing. When you promote someone, it says Day X of Y, so I thought it’d be interesting to see that on the clock.

yes, but you can see that in the journal. my point was that, aside from your fancy, there’s absolutely no meaning to what day it is. that is, until seasons come out, which afaik is soon. once seasons come out, they will more than likely add the date to the clock.

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