What Day Is It?!

Thinking on Stonehearth’s grasp on dates and such, I wondered what day it was. I checked the sun and the town overview, forgetting that both don’t show much in the way of time - the former only shows the time, and the latter has no more information regarding the day. I know I can look at the save files, but I feel that its a bit too technical.

How about one being able to click on the sun (or moon) and it expanding, showing a calendar or displaying the day, month, year, and time? Maybe the clock graphic could be updated with something like a calendar, showing the phases of the moon or the general feel of the season. Perhaps it could show a seven-image representation of a week wrapping around the clock. When a week is over, a little tally mark or something of the sort will show up at the side, so with a little thinking you could calculate the exact date without it being given plainly to you.

Either way, I would like to see an improvement to the available information given to us players. It could come in handy if/when seasons are implemented, and a guide for planting and harvesting seasons (which I would find cool, however it would drastically affect your starting food levels)


+1 for this idea, would love to see the day and ‘month’ or ‘season’ on hover

would also like to see an option to change on hover or always shown

A few people have also expressed a similar desire:



Although I don’t believe these mentioned weeks (since these don’t technically exist in the game!). I personal hope that there’s some sort of calendar function in the future so trader requests/demands for tribute no longer take up the notifications tab.


totally made me think of an actual calendar, with the days that traders will come back being marked with a red circle… that would actually kinda fit into the cutesy style of the game…

that would be a neat idea, that way it could open up more things that could be added.
like some traders taking a week or 2 to ask for a larger order of something or even something more advanced ( fine items)

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indeed it could. it also would help when holidays/feasts/etc. and such are added, you could check the calendar to see how long you had to gather all the needed stuff for that event.

ya, that it would be=]

never thought of anything event wise

To get the day, month and year, you can open up the Town Overview and then click the Journal tab at the bottom. Since the journal always opens to the latest day, you’ll see the correct date in the bottom left of the journal.

The only time it doesn’t show a date is on the very first day.

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