Dark Subject - What happens to dead people?

And is better at fighting the undead. Also, what about vampires? You know about the old myth with dead bodies becoming vampires. With their mouth bloody and their skin being pale and all that.

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But the option to make a graveyard should still be available because they are awesome and i think some players would prefer to have a massive graveyard stretching miles and miles with old champions and great beast tamers. Overcrowded graveyards can be cool sometimes

The different civilizations should have different burial ceremonies and different ways to dispose of the body (like the northmen and their burial ship)

A thought just popt into my head… or one word: Family tree. We need family trees. If people gets children and die you need some way to to keep track of who people comes from. because it would help create an attachment to certain families and probably nostalgia.

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Yeah that would be good. I like all those ideas.

The last name should transfer between children and parents, then to look at a history you click a gravestone with that last name and it will show all those with that last name and their professions.

What I’m talking about

Let our non-combatant voxel people age and get old and die of old age


All people who belong to a non-combatant class would age after a certain number of days alive. Their skin would get paler and their hairs grey. This wouldn’t remove their working capacity, they can still do the same things as the other workers, but they can’t be promoted to soldiers or any other combat class

Aging would occur after several days (300 to 500) after which the aging person would change skins to a more pale look and the hairs, if any, would change to grey color.
The death by old age would occur in 100 to 200 days after the change

Combatant classes would be the exception to aging. Soldiers won’t age and won’t die of old age.


To give to us a feel that our little voxel people are more like us, living beings, and less like drones who will live forever and grab hands and sing forever young until killed by a goblin or batman

Combatant classes are an exception because most of the time, especially in pvp multiplayer games, they will be needed to travel far distances and you can’t have your army dying of old age in the middle of the way or make an incredible army and keep it in your citadel just to watch as it’s members get older and older.

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Well, you might like what Tom just shared with us in another thread…

So there should be no reason why we could not add such a feature as “aging” by ourselves. Also the other idea with growing mustaches could be implemented like that.

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thanks voxel, you made me a very very happy beaver today ^^

I’m sure this thread will get folded into the existing death/dying thread, but here’s my two cents (again!):
The problem with character aging and death due to age is that you’ll need to constantly be cycling through and re-creating/re-leveling the same couple of classes as your old workers die off. I think such a system would become really tedious after a few generations, as your high-level x class dies off you have to pass the talisman off to a new worker and re-train them.* This means that instead of working on building the cool new talisman for the cool new class I’m constantly watching for my current workers shuffling off this mortal cube and then re-assigning their jobs. To me this is a form of grinding and is going to be far more tedious than fun.

  • I think, and this might be a misinterpretation, but it appears that you have to upgrade your workers to lower-level classes and then to the higher classes; you have to make someone a Trapper and give them experience before you make them a Hunter, for example. This makes worker death even more of a pain in the rear, since when my Hunter dies I lose access to the Hunter for an indefinite period of time, since the new Hunter needs to spend some time as a Trapper first. If I’m wrong on this, and giving a worker a talisman makes the worker that class automatically regardless of perquisites, that reduces the pain considerably.



You could add some more complexity and prevent your workers from dying. E.g. add a profession like a “witch” and allow her to “revitalize” the settlers which could prevent them from dying. You could also make the aging depending on something like the availability of food or beds, i.e. in case you do not provide enough of a resource, aging starts as a “punishment”.

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Thanks Will, you’ve stated your opinion very well and I agree. But this can works both ways, it’s tedious when you have to recycle your workers all the time and it’s tedious when you have reached top classes and with immortal villages and have no incentive (other than roleplay maybe) to make other workers reach the same rank, because you already have one and probably won’t have to replace it.

Balance is needed, this is why I proposed for aging to happen in the time of hundreds of days (700 days counting all aging and death by old age times). Which could be enlarged depending on how slow the process of progressing trough ranks is. Of course, the devs could also be very kind and give us a option to turn it on or off (same for servers)

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I like the revitalize idea ^^

but the solution to that was also discussed in the death/dying thread, and one the answers to that problem was that children would inherit the profession and a bit of their experience.

(not sure why my last post went wrong)

I like this suggestion too

even though this thread is rather large, it does seem fitting… no? :wink:

I don’t know, it doesn’t sound like the same thing Adamo

this focus on death

I focus on aging, with death by aging being a consequence, could you be a kind beaver and move it again? ^^ Thanks!

a part of this thread is focusing a lot on aging and how it should work. so the merging is pretty fitting

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Thanks thor, while reading the thread I’m realising that I was wrong, it’s fitting

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Yes, and I think this is a good possible idea; but then that launches into the whole ‘will there be kids in the game’ question.

I guess the bottom line for me is that is aging happens fairly quickly then I think the whole process will get tedious and if it happens too slow it won’t have too much of an impact on the game at all, and then is it worth including?

Also keep in mind whether any of these ideas and solutions will work also depends on the population pool, and how big your village is going to get. What makes sense as a solution assuming a village size of 100 people won’t make sense if the actual average village is sized for 30 people (for example). I think people are tending to assume a larger village size than Radiant is actually aiming towards, but that’s only a gut feeling.

In any event, lots of good ideas in this thread. :slight_smile:


perhaps a retitling is in order… any suggestions? :thought_balloon:

Mmh… Something like ‘Life cycle of settlers and its consequences’.
Sounds almost like a documentary film title… >_>