Dark Subject - What happens to dead people?

Somehow the way Tony talked about the way farming will work comes also into mind here.
So if its the same with the “departure system” that could be very nice, meaning that there will be an easy method that wont consume much time, but if you want to you can go into the depths of it and micro manage how it works until you have it optimized.
That would also allow to have closure the way you want it to.

for a split second there, i thought you were going in a pretty morbid direction… think fertilizer… :tongue:

Um… Hm… “SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE!” - heh couldn’t resist sorry :smirk_cat:

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This mostly a suggestion…but It would be great if you can employ a wizard/necromancer, that can resurrect them?

Then you will have an unstoppable army that can take over of the 2 factions that you are against!

hmm…maybe not…

Probably bets to have the citizens bury them…

-Wizard Max-

They’ve already hinted at the possibility of resurrecting your fallen guys … and how this has the potential of leading to some sort of zombie apocalypse.

i forgot about that! isnt it a lovely phrase too? :wink:

Can we raise the dead? - Livestream - 27:15

“Yes …it has to make it in, we don’t know how, but it has to make it
in. There will be some way, you might not like it. Maybe this is how
the zombie apocalypse starts … maybe the penalty for losing
someone is that you have to ‘res’ them, and ‘ressing’ them too often
could turn them into a zombie … zombie apocalypse should be a way to
lose the game”

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The idea is very well written, but it’s a bit too much micromanaging for my taste. I mean, imagine having a 200 population city. Would you really want to assign each child for an apprentice? Wouldn’t that take a minimum of at least 2 minutes?

After playing T&S I can’t say I am a big fan of how they handle the death or your settlers.

How will this game handle that and will there be game over ?

Personally I would rather there be a loss of resources/armour/house destruction (say from enemies attacks), loss in XP (assuming settlers have levels) and KO’d settlers would be a better idea.

So for example, when a monster defeats your settlers they will move on and destroy your town, steal your resources/armour etc, after they leave your KO’d settlers would be weakened and have lost XP.

What is everyone’s opinion on this ?
Would be interesting to see what the devs have in mind also :smiley:

Well, I would think that they would handle a death the most simple way: just as it is. Wouldn’t it be less complicated to just handle villager death as what it is; a reduction in the workforce, and one less mouth to feed, as opposed to a complicated calculation of loss?

Yes but when a settlers HP reaches 0, is he gone for good, is he KO’d ? what happens when you have none left ?

I think that settlers should definitely be mortal. I also think you should be able to have your other minions gather their fallen comrades items (weapons, armor, misc items). Another cool idea would be if your city gets wiped out (total loss of settlers) you can start over but the old city is a ruin (left in the same shape it was when it got destroyed) you could even have some random items stay left over to be gathered by the new group. Just an idea.

This once mentioned in a live-stream a while back - if I remember correctly the devs said villagers would die and need burring else it will lower the rest of your civs’ morale and they may work slower etc.

Hmm…battlefield cannibilization of fallen soldiers’ items? Never thought of that before, we might need a Scavenger Class… interesting.

Anyway, back on topic. Should KO be the total loss of your settlers, your buildings, or both? Because if it is the former, the middle, or the latter, then gameplay would be changed considerably. Also, a catipulation option would be nice.

There’s already a death action just not implemented so I’ll see if i can pull that up for ya
Edit: meaning that the animation is already in alpha source files

I’m not if we’ve heard much since this:

Dark Subject - What happens to dead people?

I don’t see why people want such high populations. you would need 30-40 12x12 houses, 10-20 10x20 house workshops, a 3-5 wide road, and enough farm land and irrigation to feed all these people. Not counting a wall that’s about 16,290 square voxels!

How will you handle the penalty for death? Will it delete the save file or will you be able to save-scum?

“Death” is a bit an odd term in a game where you can’t really provoke or prevent death actively and multiple characters are available.

In good old DF fashion, it could be interesting to have the world persist even after your whole village has been wiped out - so that whoever finds your old place has a (eroded) place to start on. Kind of like player created ruins.


At the moment this is a bit of an unknown - you will have the death of your settlers to deal with, perhaps the loss of a unit will be punishment in itself.

As for the ultimate end of a game, again no idea right now :slight_smile:

I’ll merge this over in the death thread for now!

That would be an interesting way to go about it.