Dark Subject - What happens to dead people?

I’m not sure where the Suicide thing came from but I don’t think that should be included.

Villagers as I have already mentioned should be a valued asset, not ‘Fire N’ Forgets’.

Don’t need people accidentally killing their own people.

I still prefer the idea of inheritance, but as said, make ageing a long process and introduce the ‘they have kids’ thing to replace them. It wouldn’t actually make any big impact on the game, but add a sort of time shift.


Boy, did I hit this thread late!

My views are predictable:

  • corpses sinking into the ground leaving loot
  • Occasional heroes being carried off by translucent glowing Valkyries.
  • Truly awesome heros getting a burning boat burial and then a mound raised over the ashes.
  • Runestones raised for heroes telling their name and fame.

Also old age could be almost an advanced class for certain classes, Archivist turning into old sage and warriors turning into veteran trainers.

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So it occured to me the other day. When someone dies in stonehearth do they just lay dead on the ground or do they disappear? Or will they be taken away from their fellow settlers and buried? Or would they just rot and decay until there is only bones left.

This could be interesting as if there are cemeteries then there could be room for modding in zombies and modules like that.

@Odzor Maybe you want to join this thread, where you will find already some ideas… and people interested in the “afterlife” ;-).

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Well, funny you should ask!

[urlhttp://discourse.stonehearth.net/t/dark-subject-what-happens-to-dead-people/592?u=geoffers747] This thread [/url] contains a lengthy discussion about exactly everything you’ve asked, and as far as I can remember everything you have asked about is discussed in that thread.

As for responses from the devs, I don’t think there has been an exact response regarding how the dead are handled, although one aspect of it has been answerd:


Valkyries will swoop down and gather up the fallen heroes…

Alternate plane Valhalla and Fólkvangr?

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My question would be if there isn’t a way for villagers to procreate how exactly do you gain additional villagers? Do you find them in the wild? Will it be a Warcraftesque sacrificing of stockpiles to bring one in? I personally would rather have villagers get hitched and have children even if ageing wasn’t involved as opposed to “buying” villagers with meat and gold stockpiles. That still disturbs me to this day. WHAT ARE THEY DOING WITH MEAT AND GOLD TO SUMMON PEOPLE! On a more serious note seeing the fact that shepherds exist shows that there will probably be some sort of animal progression. (e.g. sheep being sheered regrowing wool possibly?)

this came up during one of the earlier livestreams (i’ll have to go back and review the logs that @Geoffers747 compiled), but if i recall, the team wants there to be a specific formula for acquiring new units… something that the player can consciously “do” to make them appear… it wont depend on a random set of circumstances though…

 I'd kinda like a mixture of both to help keep the game interesting. For example, there could be a repeatable process that MIGHT give you a villager, but might not. Also, I think that there should be some form of nurturing period where on of the "parents" can't perform many tasks until the baby grows up. (I'm thinking kind of like the Virtual Villagers' system, but a little bit less extreme.) 
 But to kind of ramp up the difficulty of the game a bit passively, there could be a set of conditions that, if they are met, a villager has a kid without any player input, thus putting strain on the workforce and food output. Just a thought though,
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The Devs of the game want you to know all the characters and have a slight attachment to them, so them just disappearing leaving nothing but loot behind seem anti-climatic and ruins the whole feel that these are your people not just mindless things.

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This makes me feel as if your people have funerals or a memorial for all who died in a battle, with the names of them in sizes of how much they’ve done. Hey, it might even be cool to have it that when you mouse over the names it might show what they have done.

I don’t know if any one else has said this but it would be fun if as your villagers get older if your alchemist could brew potions that could extend there life. The more experienced he gets and the more research you do the longer you can have your favorite people stay alive. finally unlocking immortality but to balance this you would have to collect rare material to create the more difficult potions.