Cycling animations in models to change textures

I try not to make too many suggestions for the game, but occasionally I’ll come across something that I’m uncertain how difficult/practical it would be to implement. One of these is cycling animations for moving or stationary models. It feels a bit pie in the sky/late stage development right now but it may give the game models more dimension. I’ve seen tons of great models made by the community where there are static textures but I was wondering if it is possible to animate things to simulate glowing effects, Hearthling’s expressions (blushing, getting red in the face when angry, green when poisoned, closing eyes when sleeping) or other such details which would improve the game’s visuals. Is this even possible given the limitations of the engine? Can you do looping swaps of voxels? Would it even be worth it given the trouble/overhead? I’m not a programmer by any stretch and I know that there are so many other problems that need the manpower but I figure it can’t hurt to ask if this is even in the realm of possibility.

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I think many are in the plans?
Expressions and stuff(faces) are something that did come into some talkes in some streams if i do recall correctly, so i’d guess some of them are deffinitely in the plans

i’d expect changing faces as changing eyes and perhaps a blush, but i’m not sure on the red-face or green, mainly because they’d be a texture insted of a image floating above their faces, though i can still see that possibly happening

It would be pretty neat to have textures animated though, but i doubt it’s practical, since we don’t use image texturing, we use voxel models, so we may need to make a seperate model for every frame of the animation


That’s exactly what I was thinking would have to be done, thus the pie in the sky qualification. With the z fighting problem still there as evinced by trees and such, even a blush/sleepy eyes overlay seems pretty far out there.