Custom Castle Roofs

There’s limited customization when you want to put a stone castle roof on top of a building. One major thing I’d like to see moving forward is a way to remove the crenellations on one or more sides of the roof. This could be useful when you want a split-level building with a defensive lookout that’s not on the highest level - remove the crenellations from the side of the roof that touches the wall of the rest of the building. Also useful for building curtain walls - remove the crenellations from either side of the roof and leave them facing the wall’s inside and outside surfaces, and you’ve got a modular wall segment you can slap down over and over again.

It makes the most sense to implement this using the “roof slope” interface - unclick the west “slope” for a castle roof to remove the crenellations on the west side of the roof and leave it open and flat.

Just a thought.


We also probably need a way to cut holes in them.


That’s true, but that’s also a larger focus of roof building in general. Roofs, as they are designed now, are single entities that can’t have chunks removes - this is true whether they’re castle roofs or slanted roofs. A change to allow holes cut inside is a change to the entire roof code.

Frankly, I think it’d be a better solution long-term to allow roofs to take certain “decorations” and then have a trapdoor item that can be placed in them.

Still, I think the crenellation policy is an easier implementation because you just have to define what “sloped” means in the context of castle roofs - a UI that already exists.

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Trapdoors are an awesome idea. :clap: