Custom Building Error(roof editing), Builders can't finish buildings

I’ve looked into other similar topics, but didn’t find any with screenshots or proper steps, so here is mine.

I designed a custom building for my workshops, but edited how the roof would look (any roof editing would lead to this). The error that I get is in the first screenshot, along with what happens when I try to build them:

I found out that when the builders stopped building, the roof would act like a seperate “building”, where I could click and delete if I wanted, but it would leave the buildings as is. I also noticed that the Building Templates couldn’t load a picture of my custom building:

As a added question, is/when will there be a way to either cancel, dismantle, or simple delete a building? especially one that is incomplete or causing errors.

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yes, that will eventually be an option… when it will be implemented however is still anyone’s guess! :smile:

This is still an ongoing issue. It’s pretty gamebreaking for me. Haven’t tried to delete just the roof and remake it, though. Will try it out.

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