Curiosity of desktop Tuesdays

So with the desktop Tuesdays, you show the development of the game. Is that the WHOLE development within a week? or are there people working behind the scenes on even more projects?

P.S Also my friend noticed one of the cultists was speaking of rabbits emerging from the ancient rabbit stones or some of the sort. So we see what you’re doing there :wink:

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No, sometimes they talk about things they done very long ago, or thing they are still pondering. It is whatever they want or makes a good video, most of the time is highlighting the latest additions.


Thank you, it had just sparked my curiosity a bit :slight_smile:

To add to @BrunoSupremo’s answer, when Desktop Tuesdays talk about a recent change, they generally are projects worked on one dev, or a small group of devs. Looking at recent Desktop Tuesdays, Personal Space II was mostly related to Engineer Albert’s recent work. Keys and Cam were Engineers Carl and Justin, Trait Iconography was Artist Allie, etc.