Crops producing two different resources

Is it possible to get a crop to produce two resources? For instance, I am hoping to have a crop produce grain and straw. I tried this:

“resource_pairings” : {
“wheat_6”: [“mymod:wheat_sack”, “mymod:straw”],

But I got errors basically saying that you can’t use arrays in that context.

Does anyone know if this is supported, and if so, how I can do it?


I imagine the concept is doable, as I think “bumper crops” are a thing (getting “super” carrots, vs regular carrots)…

I could seec some issues appearing in the game, would definitely give farming more of a use aside from food. It’s doable but tricky

That is not supported at the moment, in part because the thing produced is then collected into a basket by the farmer, so that would add some extra complexity to the basket/gather mechanism. Probably conceptually what you want is a crafter of some sort who takes what is produced and turns it into 2 things, so plant -> stalk, stalk -> grain, straw. Having recipes produce multiple results IS supported.

Also, you can have crops produce different things at different stages.


Sounds like some good material for one of those higher tier Jobs that are planned.


Could we have them produce wheat, and then once harvested or rotted produce straw?

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With the current system, you can produce straw if it’s rotted, but you can’t produce anything after it’s been harvested.

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how would having items based on chance work?

i would assume modifying this would work, but havent tried it:

“outcome_statement” : " A profession would like to join town_name!",
“professions” : {
“stonehearth:professions:worker” : {
“shares” : 10,
“rating” : 1
“stonehearth:professions:carpenter” : {
“shares” : 1,
“rating” : 3
“stonehearth:professions:farmer” : {
“shares” : 2,
“rating” : 2
“stonehearth:professions:footman” : {
“shares” : 2,
“rating” : 3,
“equipment” : “stonehearth:wooden_sword”

using shares and ratings

Wheat (in real life) is a good example of a crop that can be harvested twice. Once for the wheat and once for the straw (for brick making as well as many things). Perhaps some tech change is needed to be more accurate?

I’m sure there are other crops that do the same thing. Oh yeah, pumpkins. We harvest the flowers and eat them and then the pumpkins from the unharvested flowers. Love me some pumpkin flowers.


im not sure they want realism right now man, i think right now they are happy harvesting corn doesnt give you potato

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