Criticism of quibicles


Hahaha, waits for another 50 answers


Great! I wasn’t sure if I should get one of those, but I’ll definitely try it out. One last thing! Is there a place where I can find a tutorial or tips on using Qubicle? or is it pretty simple to use?


generally it is very simple to use. after being told how to control the camera alt + middle mouse to move / alt + left click to change angle i pretty much guessed the rest.

my advice add a cube of 20x20x20 [or 30] then delete some cubes using selection and delete or the eraser tool then colour some etc just playing with the tools then nexttime start by making a simple object and go from there


The program itself is not that intuitive to use in my opinion. It is however easy to master in time.

My advice is to reverse engineer @tom’s work. It would help you learn to use the tool, and create content that you can easily add to the game later on (because your dimensions will match up with Radiants animation files)


… don’t forget to take a look on the tutorial from Minddesk for an easier entry and you can find some tips & tricks in this thread (feel free to add yours!).


oh @voxel_pirate, how modest… you didnt even mention your other quibicle tutorial… :smile:


Well… that one might be a bit specific and might need an update :-). Maybe I should just create a short introduction video…


that, would be all kinds of awesome, and would really help the modding community as a whole… :+1:


Yeah… i think that some of my models are too round, and i’d like to explore how would be a more cubical world with cubical items :p, but first, i have to finish my exams until i start working with qubicle again :stuck_out_tongue:


… and I would have a second video for my YouTube-Channel. Sounds like a win-win situation ^^.

Actually I have already started to think about it and (at least) installed / configured CamStudio. I might give it a try next week. My thoughts are to create 3 of them:

  1. Modelling the Dwarf
  2. Cutting the Dwarf (:laughing: … only to separate the body-parts to prepare for…)
  3. Rigging and basic animation with Blender

If I can provide all the files at the end of the video as a download, people will have the Qubicle-File for a Dwarf to play with and (for those who have the trial-version of Qubicle) an exported .obj-File to test how animation can work.

… but reading it now, that sounds like a lot of work :unamused:.


it does indeed… perhaps tackle it in stages, and just go for the modeling portion as a trial run (what i imagine most folks will really be able to grasp from the start)… and if there is something i can do to help, feel free to ask!