Crenelated Roof Height Bug

Design a custom building made of stone floor, stone walls and stone columns. Build just one story and use the crenelated battlement roof type. Its shape should be rectangular and very long. At least 6x40 should do it. Once the floor, walls and roof have been placed, attempt to raise the roof height and observe the game only adjust a portion of the building. The building editor will also no longer allow you to remove the extra height you just added, though the counter does decrease down to 1, but not zero.

Expected Results:
Uniform height change like usual.


Attachments: (6.4 MB)
stonehearth.log (1.4 MB)

Version Number and Mods in use:
A16 D2940, x64

20160429 Edit:

This bug occurs if you change max height in either Slop or Overhang mode.

If you manually change the Max Height value by clicking on the number, deleting it, typing zero and hitting enter, the ghosted design appears correctly again, but when you build that design, the sections shown in the above screenshot that are height 1 or greater all have their walls built at height 1. The roof itself is built at height 0, so the walls stick out of the roof.

So this feels like two related building bugs:

  1. Max roof height not being applied uniformly (or, if functioning correctly, there is UX confusion as to how these controls work)

  2. When roof height is adjusted by manually changing the value, the change is not also applied correctly to the corresponding walls.

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