Creative code abuse and potential future mods

ill keep the intro short:
i made this thread so we could combine ideas for interesting usages of code, and ideas for (future) mods.

as en example: i just thought up that we might be able to use the herbalist-going-to-a-sleeping-hearthling-to-cure-it code, with some hammering, as a farmers-giving-crops-fertaliser-for-better/faster growing crops-code.

and im already doing too much stuff at once so im not going to fiddle with it, but maybe someone else might be inspired and fiddle with it :slight_smile:

anyone else have creative ideas?


I was just thinking about this yesterday:

The roots of evil clear a bit of ground and spawn an object at a certain level. Sounds like you could make cave or burrow templates with a monster guarding a treasure using a similar mechanic.


Or random level generation pirate treasure/burial mound…


I think the Archipelago mod already had this. I was surprised to see the mountain sides with “skull cave entrances” and a treasure guarded by pirate undead!


Yes, caves in the archipelago, but for now it is simple a small hole in the mountain wall. I have plans to work in a proper cave mod later, though I still have not started on it.

The buried treasure idea is cool though.


Out of sheer curiosity, anything fun you are cooking up atm Bruno :)?

For the Archipelago I have this manager: Trello

But right now I’m working on the new template sharing site:


Ooh cool! (was indeed asking in general :slight_smile: )
I hope it’s working out!

I have been thinking, if it would be possible to spawn wetstones at worldgeneration, just like the bunnystatues… Making somekind of waterfall thing that way?

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Should be doable really, just like plants and other items. The problem is them not spawning in places you don’t want. Because if they just spawn in a flat place of land they do a grand total of a puddle.

Ideally you’d want to spawn a sort of structure that looks natural with a whetstone hidden in it that makes the produced water guided over a hill or something, so at least you have a waterfall.

The team is working on spawnable natural structures :wink:
I also want to add waterfalls to the canyon, it will require a little more code though as I want it to connect into existing rivers. It would have a hidden wetstone in the wall and a dry stone hidden in the river.

Check Banto video: YouTube It would be similar to that, but smaller, like a one or two wide waterfall.


I really hate waiting for my workers to haul so many objects back to “camp” I always thought it would be a neat idea to have some sort of job that uses a wooden trolley they pull behind them to transport large amounts of items around the world. Perhaps they can only take the cart/trolley along roads that the player makes? If anyone likes the ideal/wants to make it that would be amazing!

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I’ve been thinking the same, or an animal / pet, perhaps a donkey that can haul stuff etc. might look into it myself :smiley:

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A donkey which can carry stuff around/ pull something would be really neat!

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I know right :smiley: