Creating profiles for different villages

First Hello to all

My suggestion is based on a problem that im running into currently on stonehearth, i have my main city witch is way far in the game and now i wanted to try the desert people for a bit, but by doing that i’m going to bury my current village over a load of save files (since i use the auto save feature witch is really useful ) and i wont used them anymore.

I would be helpfull if i could create like profiles for different villages that i have (kinda like minecraft) in a sense that i can have my main village on one slot and the rathian kids on another one and like a third village on peaceful mode.

I wonder if anyone else also ran into this problem.

Thanks for the time.

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You can manually save and it says the village name specific to that village and ‘profile’ so you can just leave it alone and go back when you want to play them again.

yes yes…

i know i can manually save but the point is to have something like a select one of your villages instead of having to find them on the save files.

Something like this but better drawn or a window you can select the village.


This would be an awesome improvement! Paging @Sweet since this is her area of work :slight_smile: