Crashing on New Game

Hi, I just installed the game today and every time I try to start a new game it crashes within a minute or so. This generally occurs at the points of the game right after I make my first storage area. It crashes right after I click the notification or if I leave the notification alone it crashes about 20 seconds after it pops up. Any ideas why? Could it be my computer or did I download it wrong I did uninstall and then reinstall through steam.

Couple things you can try.

  1. Uninstall and clear the ENTIRE contents of the Stonehearth folder in the Steamapps folder. Then reinstall.

  2. Update your graphics card using your cards website. Do NOT trust the cards auto-updater on your computer. Make sure you visit the website and download the newest ones from there.

  3. If neither of those work, post your system specs up here for us.

Good luck!

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Just tried the uninstalls and reinstall, didn’t help. I’m now downloading the AMD auto detect to update and all.

With the graphics card update everything is running perfectly fine. Thank you.