Crash to desktop: Unable to find cause

The game worked pretty good for me the past couple month, but the past days, I had some hard to explain crashes.

Autoharvest, Necromancer(unused), Ballista Turret, Candledark, Dani’s core mod, Finery, Fisher+archipelago biome, Fortify 0.6, Kai Monkey’s Traits, Lostems, MBS training, Patrol pointss, More landmarks, Stonehearth Cafe, Trapper+.
1.0.0 Patch 909 (x64)

Okay, I ran this multiple times, but it seems to occur around the time that hearthlings and goblins light their campfire.

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Welcome to the forum, @ploefke1 :slightly_smiling_face:

Next time that it crashes due to this, could you also upload the stonehearth.log? It should be in the same folder than the crash.dmp.

Which CPU, RAM, OS, Graphic card are you using? Did you try updating your graphic drivers from your manufacturer’s website?

Here is my stonehearth log:

Here are my specs:

Apparently it’s crashing while loading a file from a mod, but it’s hard to tell which mod or which file is it.