Crash to Desktop during combat

Directly after finishing combat, I set my troops to guard the village and then crashed directly to the desktop. I tried again and before finishing combat set troop to guard the village and crashed again.

Finished combat (52.7 KB)

Left During Combat (61.1 KB)

0.24.0 Mods: betterstorage, autoharvest_mod

System Information:
Win 10 x64, GeForce GTX 960, Intel i7 - 6700-K, Asus ROG PG279 Monitor

I was able to continue the game by not using the “Guard Area” action

Sorry about that. It is fixed on the unstable version (“latest” beta on Steam). The fix should make it to stable sometime in July.

@David_Rodriguez if you want to put your stonehearth to take the latest version (in my oppinion its worth it, its more functional than not most of the time)

you can right click stonehearth in steam, select propperties, go to the betas tab and choose “latest” there.

I will. Thank you for that quick reply. I will just keep it in the latest build.

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