Crafting Items that use no Workbench [release 656]

When you craft an item that does not require a workbench, the crafter puts the items on the ground. Other hearthlings can then pick the items up while the crafting is happening. The crafting still finishes and you get back some of the items.

In the base game this can be seen when crafting a workbench, but it’s more obvious if you mod in a recipe with multiple ingredients and no workbench requirement!

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Place a stockpile on the ground.
  2. Craft a workbench or anything else that requires no workbench.
  3. Observe the crafter putting materials on the ground to start crafting.
  4. Observe another hearthling walk up and steal the stuff to put back in the stockpile!
  5. Crafting still completes successfully.

Expected Results:
The materials the crafter puts on the ground to work on should be locked to the crafter while they are crafting. No item duping allowed!

Actual Results:
Item duping is possible :frowning:

Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 18 Release 656


Good catch! Hmm…


Summary: Workers take stuff of the workbench during the crafting process, wich causes items to get created with less stuff then required

Steps to reproduce:

  1. I had four wolves pelts in inventory and some thread.
  2. Craft 2 leather bolts

Expected Results: No wolves pelt and 2 leather bolts in inventory

Actual Results: 2 wolves pelts in inventory and 2 leather bolts in inventory

Notes: I was playing on 3x speed, don’t know if that matters, I am not sure if the item get destroyed properly or if the workers actually take it right before crafting. All I saw was my crafter putting the items on the workbench, the heartling taking a pelt and right after that the crafter finishing his items


Version Number and Mods in use: A19 - D3181 - X64

System Information:

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And you did not have any wolves pelt laying around that the villagers just then looted?

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I had defeated 4 wolves in total, giving me 4 pelts.

I have no trapper and had no other pelts in stock. :slight_smile:

I had the same issue yesterday evening, when creating a pile of rocks. While the mason was hammering away, other hearthlings came by and snatched the stones from his table. I have no idea, though, whether the actual number of stones in my inventory changed correctly or not. The pile was finished successfully.


Seems very similar to this issue:

@sdee, are this the same bug/do you want them merged?

I’ve merged them, @jomaxro.

I think they probably have the same cause.

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