[A19-D3181-X64] Worker's take resources form workbenches during crafting

Summary: Workers take stuff of the workbench during the crafting process, wich causes items to get created with less stuff then required

Steps to reproduce:

  1. I had four wolves pelts in inventory and some thread.
  2. Craft 2 leather bolts

Expected Results: No wolves pelt and 2 leather bolts in inventory

Actual Results: 2 wolves pelts in inventory and 2 leather bolts in inventory

Notes: I was playing on 3x speed, don’t know if that matters, I am not sure if the item get destroyed properly or if the workers actually take it right before crafting. All I saw was my crafter putting the items on the workbench, the heartling taking a pelt and right after that the crafter finishing his items


Version Number and Mods in use: A19 - D3181 - X64

System Information:


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